Cygwin Installation Process

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1 2. cygwin Installation

1.1 2.1. cygwin is a Linux running environment that can be executed in Windows

I have installed linux10, but I still need to go back to Windows to view some documents and copy some files frequently during use. So I decided to start cygwin, in this way, it is much easier to work in windows.

Cygwin can be installed in two ways:

One is direct online installation, which requires downloading according to configuration, but the downloading process may be large, about MB, which takes a long time.

The second method is to download an installation package from macraigor at a speed of over 60 MB. The installation options are also simple. Then install ncurses libraries online.

I started to use the first method. After several days, I tried it many times, but it was always difficult to install it. Finally, I used the second method to solve it.

1.2 2.2. Download

1.2.1 2.2.1. cygwin (2.0.0)

See document:

60 m. The download speed is very fast. I used ADSL to download more than 70 K, which is much faster than normal, but I downloaded it in the middle of the night. :)

1.3 2.3. Installation

You can directly install cygwin2.0 downloaded from macraigor. The installation process is simple. However, it seems that a component ncurses libraries is missing. An error is reported when you make menuconfig. You need to add this component by performing the online installation steps.

1.4 2.4. Online Installation

1.4.1 2.4.1. Download setup.exe

See document: <outbind: // 1/>

Log on to, and there is an install cygwin nowconnection on the page. It is a setup.exe file that can be directly opened. We recommend you download the file and store it in a directory so that you can download the file and install it later.

1.4.2 2.4.2. Installation Options

Sub Category: click "default" next to the sub-directory until it becomes "Install ")



Devel: Includes GCC, make, and other compilation tools.




Utils: including Bzip2 and other utilities

If cygwin has been downloaded and installed from macraigor, you can install libncurses-devel under devel.

You can select faster. I use and the download speed is around 20 K.

You can use setup.exe of cygwin.exe to install the agent. You can follow the installation instructions to install the agent on the Internet or locally. We recommend that you download the entire cygwin installation package to your local device and then install it locally. If you have no special requirements, you can simply install the minimum number of software packages according to its default installation method. We recommend that you do not install it in C. For cygwin questions and answers, refer to cygwin FAQ.

1.5 settings

1.5.1 Batch File Processing

Before you generate a cross-compiler, you must first set cygwin. Assume that cygwin is installed in the E directory. Before the cygwin window is opened, enter the E: \ cygwin directory. In this directory, there is a file named cygwin. bat batch file, edit the file, and add set cygwin = title ntea to the end of the first line. This is because the Unix File System Simulation needs to be started when cygwin starts the batch file. After modification, save the modification and exit.

1.5.2 sh Link

Run cygwin and enter CD bin in the root directory.

MV sh.exe sh-original.exe

Ln-s bash.exe sh.exe

Modify cygwin now. (You can refer to a document provided by the script for modification.

1.6 2.5. Run

Start cygwin from the program group or desktop.




If you can list the directories, it will be OK.

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