Detailed description of Software Version naming rules

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Detailed description of Software Version naming rules


You may have noticed that software downloaded from the internet is often labeled with version information such as beta and demo, which actually has its internal meaning. Next we will introduce some

The common software version information is described in detail .?

Test and demo versions

Alpha version

This version indicates that the software is only a preliminary finished product. It is usually only communicated within the software developer, and a few of them are released to professional testers. In general, this version of software bug

Many, it is recommended that you do not install.


This version has been greatly improved compared with alpha version, eliminating serious errors, but there are still some defects that need to be further eliminated through large-scale release tests. This version is usually

Released by a software company for free, users can download from related sites. Through tests by professional enthusiasts, the results are fed back to developers and developers can make targeted changes. This version

This is not suitable for general users.


This version is quite mature and is almost the same as the official version to be released. If you can't wait, try it out.

Trial (trial version)

Trial software has been quite popular in recent years, mainly thanks to the rapid development of the Internet. This version of software usually has a time limit. If you want to continue using it after expiration

You have to pay a certain fee for registration or purchase. Some Trial software also imposes certain functional limitations.

Unregistered (unregistered Version)

The Unregistered version is very similar to the trial version, but the unregistered version usually has no time limit. In terms of functions, it imposes some restrictions on the formal version. For example, the registration version of most VoIP Software

There is a big gap between the two versions in terms of communication quality. Some of them are irrelevant to the official version, but an annoying message box will pop up to remind you to note

Such as ACDSee and smart Chen Qiao Chinese Character Input Software.

Demo Version

It is also known as the demo version, which is the most popular among non-official software. The demo version only integrates several functions in the official version, which is a bit like unregistered. The difference is that the demo

The version cannot be changed to the official version by upgrading or registering the version.

The above are the previous versions of the software official version. Alpha, beta, and gamma can be called test versions. There will always be multiple test versions of mature software, such as Windows? The beta version of 98.

There are nearly 10. So many beta versions, on the one hand, try to satisfy the user's needs for the final product, and on the other hand, minimize bugs in the software. Trial, unregistered,

Demo is sometimes collectively referred to as the demo version. This type of version has a strong color of advertisement, and it is a bit of a preference. It is naturally a free taste for ordinary users.

Official version

The official versions of different types of software are also different.


This version means "the final release version". After a series of Beta versions, there will eventually be an official version. for users, the software purchased for this version will never be wrong. This version has

Is also called the Standard Edition. In general, release does not appear on the software cover in the form of words, instead of symbols (R), such as Windows? NT (r )? 4.0, MS-DOS (r )? 6.22, etc.



Obviously, this version is the registration version relative to unregistered. The registration version and release are the same as the standard version mentioned below. They are both the formal version of the software, but only before the registration version of the software

A large part of these images are downloaded from the Internet.


This is the most common Standard Edition, No matter what software, the Standard Edition must exist. The standard edition includes the basic components of the software and some common functions to meet the needs of general users. Its

The price is relatively higher than the first-level version.


As its name implies, it is the "deluxe edition ". The deluxe edition is generally compared with the Standard Edition. The main difference is that there are several more features, and the price will certainly be higher than a large one. It is not recommended for general users. This

The version is usually prepared for professional users who are pursuing "perfection.


This version is common in encyclopedias and is famous for Microsoft's Encarta series. Reference is the highest level. Its subject, image, and video editing are relative to Standard

And the deluxe version have increased significantly, the capacity from one disc to three, and added a strong interactive function, of course, the price is also high. In this case, the full Encyclopedia of this version

Books can be regarded as the true encyclopedia and the first choice for the favorites of enthusiasts.

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