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Every company wants to have a perfect online marketing team. Hope is a group of visionary, dedicated and enthusiastic members. At the same time we know that appropriate challenges can create a quality, skills and personality balance of the team. But the author found that many enterprises in the formation of their own SEM team will make a common mistake, that we simply hire a few just graduated interns or a site outside the chain to build the Commissioner can have results. That may have been a bit of a success in the past, but in an environment where search engines are so competitive today, some companies even have to spend tens of thousands of of dollars a year to keep their rankings. How do you get a good, stable ranking just by paying for it? Therefore, the reasonable construction of their own enterprise SEM team appears to be more important than ever. So what are some of the key roles in a SEM team? and how to build? The author will share some new ideas in the next article.

Key role one: SEM director

SEM director may be one of the most important soul figures on the online search engine marketing team. A capable and talented SEM director can be very good for our enterprises to develop and implement a series of SEM strategy. At the same time, the soul will be responsible for the evaluation of the effectiveness of activities, and then need to constantly revise and improve our online marketing indicators. So what is the problem of hiring a SEM director? First of all, we should choose a person who can study, analyze and report on the online marketing target when we hire the candidate for this position. You should also have some experience with copywriting writing, the development and implementation of search engine optimization strategies, and other SEM strategies such as paid search PPC. Finally, it is necessary to have good communication on the team formation ability.

Key member two: SEO experts

For now, many companies in SEM marketing is still more enthusiastic and SEO. A good SEO expert will become the assistant director of SEM. A good SEO expert needs to have a lot of optimization experience, and can share these experiences, use the experience to work, and give guidance to other members. So as a business in the hiring of an SEO experts need to pay attention to what problems? First of all, we need SEO experts have a lot of actual combat experience, while hiring an SEO expert, the investigation of his communication skills is also very heavy, how the recent optimization situation accurately conveyed to our SEM director plays an important role.

Key member three: outside the Chain Commissioner

A good outside the chain construction commissioner is worth the enterprise to employ heavily. Anyone who has just graduated from the intern can find out the chain. But a good outside chain Commissioner knows how to build the quality of our site's external chain, and how to create a search engine to look more natural outside the chain group. At the same time outside the chain Commissioner can not just busy doing outside the chain of construction, while maintaining the stability of the enterprise chain is also a must do things. and enterprises in the recruitment of outside the chain when the commissioner in addition to his experience, for the implementation of the assessment is also very important, there is no executive power, nothing is just an armchair.

Key member four: content and copywriting Specialist

We all know clearly that "content is king". And this is an indisputable fact, especially we do SEM marketing business, if there is no content, all your marketing plans can not be launched. Our content must be unique and attractive to readers. At present, the trend of search engine is to improve the content quality of the information in search results. A good content can earn you a better ranking.

A successful SEM team needs the cooperation of different members to create valuable results. At the same time for the enterprise to build a SEM team need to pay more efforts to make their own business online marketing road more and more broad. This article Yichang Recruitment http://www.yc178.com/Original, reprint please retain the source.

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