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Thunderbolt 7.2 for the application made a major update, with it, the Thunderbolt has become a very open platform, a lot of good applications can be achieved on it. Here, I give you 2 very practical skills, with them, you can let the Thunderbolt's interface become more refreshing, do not let the failure and irrelevant information to disturb our high-speed download.

First, delete the invalid resource

Usually use Thunder to download resources, because the file has been moved or deleted, so open the Thunderbolt can see a lot of "gray task", not only affect the beautiful, but also not conducive to the search for resources (Figure 1). At this point, we just right click on the left "completed" button, select the Delete Gray Task command (Figure 2), and then in the window shown in Figure 3, choose to move to the trash bin or delete it completely, and then you can see that "completed" will no longer have a gray task, very clean and enjoyable.

Figure 1 Too many fail-gray downloads

Figure 2 Removing the gray task

Figure 3 Selecting a processing method

Second, let Thunderbolt hide the right column

Thunderbolt 7 redesigned the right-hand column to provide more content. But it affects the overall beauty of the interface, and some people even think it is advertising. You can now use the Hidetaskinfoaddin plug-in to manually hide the right side bar to resolve it. Download the application directly from the Http:// in Thunderbolt 7 and double-click it to prompt for installation (Figure 4). After the installation is complete, restart Thunderbolt 7.

Figure 4 Installation Hidden right sidebar application

After this application is installed, we can see the corresponding buttons on the toolbar (Figure 5), and then click to hide the taskbar on the right (Figure 6) and click again to recover.

Figure 5 Click the appropriate button to hide the right column

Figure 6 has hidden the right column and can be recovered

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