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In the dormitory lived friends know, once pulled a broadband, neighbors classmate what, sometimes will come over to Wi-Fi password rub rub net, rub a one or two times do not care, over time, the use of more and more people, resulting in their own network more and more cards, thus affecting their use. At this time, even if the WiFi password has been modified, even if you do not say, in the dormitory environment, can not guarantee the people with the dormitory, what good way to eliminate the use of WiFi password network behavior? Small knitting here recommend a good way to--mac address binding, using this method, Even if the other person has your WiFi password, also can not use your network, simply speaking, is not on the net. "Mac" is not what advanced things, this article strongly recommended to those "small white" students look, the network technology good big God do not make a mockery of small series. First of all, look at the wireless router's address and the corresponding account name, password, to small series of Lei Ke wireless router For example, first to a positive photo.

Look at the back.

At this point to see the IP address of the router is: (most routers default address is this, some is, the author's cell phone pixel is not high, the photo is a little unclear, please understand), the login address of the user name is: Guest, login password is also guest. We have obtained the required information, then in IE's address bar (that is, we usually enter the address of the page) input:, in the Pop-up Verification dialog box, user name input: Guest, password also input: Guest, click "Login" as shown

Different brand routers have different interfaces, but the overall configuration is the same

Click "Advanced Configuration" to enter the interface

Click on Wireless configuration to enter the interface

Click "Wireless MAC Address Filter" to enter the interface

The "Filter status" and "Filter Rules" by default are "off" and "forbidden", the two are changed to "open" and "allow", this step is very important, only click on "Open" and "allow" to achieve the wireless MAC address binding. Next

In the picture of the "MAC address" to enter their own computer or mobile phone MAC address, then how to view the computer or mobile phone MAC address? First of all, the computer, whether XP or WIN7 system, desktop "start"-"run" in the input "cmd"

In the pop-up black window, enter "Ipconfig/all", and then return (that is, press the "Enter" button on the keyboard), then will display a lot of information, regardless of them, just "wireless network" connection in the "Physical Address" in the " 00-1d-e0-88-ed-bb ", this is the MAC address we need, note that there is also a MAC address in the" Local Area Connection ", and that address we don't have to worry about at all, here's a reminder not to lose the wrong one.

How to view the MAC address on the phone, take the iphone as an example, "Settings"-"General"-"about this machine"-"WiFi Address"

OK, here we have found the MAC address of the computer or mobile phone, and then fill the MAC address of the computer or mobile phone with the MAC address on the router interface and click "Add" (Take the computer for example)

You can see that the computer's MAC address has been saved to the serial number "1" Inside, and then click "Add" can be the address of the phone to enter, here does not repeat

In the final step, click the Save effective button to complete the setup of the router.

At this point, you can take someone else's cell phone or notebook to try, found that even if the WiFi password is correct, will also be prompted not to join the network, so as to prevent the purpose of our net, at this time the wireless network, want to let who can wireless internet, just put his laptop or mobile phone's MAC address can be added. For insurance purposes, login router can be the user name and password are changed, so that others with the default user name and password will not enter the route to change, as for the modification of the user name and password method, in the router's "System settings" interface can be seen, here no longer repeat.

Pan: This kind of Mac filtering method, can effectively prevent 90% of the net behavior, the next door dormitory students have used this method to prevent rubbing nets, the effect is very good, to now still use this method.

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