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In recent years, more and more enterprises into the search engine Optimization rankings competition, so that the optimization of the site is not increased. There are many reasons why companies choose Search Engine Optimization, first: Baidu competitive bidding, bid more and more high, many enterprises cannot afford such a price; second: Search engine cost is low, the profit is high, more and more enterprises pay attention to search engine optimization; Third: Industry competition, now no matter which industry, the competitiveness is very big, Make more and more enterprises have to choose the promotion of many aspects, improve their own profits.

In search engine optimization of the competitiveness of such a large situation, how to do a good job of ranking the site, to achieve optimal results, the core Word optimization is the main work, but the long Tail keyword optimization is also a good choice. Here I give a mobile phone lottery software site Optimization example, and you explain why the long tail keyword optimization is also a focus.

1, long tail keyword competitiveness small

We all know that the core key words of the flow of large, can bring greater benefits for the enterprise, but the benefits of large, difficult, but the long tail keyword is not the same, competitive small, easy to optimize, but the flow is also small. If I optimize the mobile phone lottery software site, the core Word mobile phone lottery software http://www.91ccx.com/soft/cprj.html Competitiveness is very large, want to optimize to the home page is really more difficult, but the development of mobile phone lottery software, Mobile lottery software development company etc. such long tail words are easier to optimize up. So the long tail word optimization is an important aspect of me, a long tail word can only bring a few traffic, but thousands of long tail words can also bring thousands of traffic. In the study of key words in the lottery industry found that the long tail word to bring more traffic than the core words, so long tail keyword is my optimization focus.

2. Difficult to optimize the core words

Since 2013 Baidu's algorithm adjusted, the Core keyword optimization is more difficult. On the one hand, Baidu to the high weight of the large Web site rankings, on the other hand, the attack on the external chain increased. May send some outside the chain website rank can be very good, but now the effect of the chain is greatly reduced, release too many low quality of the chain is OK affect the ranking of the site. A variety of reasons to increase the core word optimization is not.

3, the impact of their own industry

Not all enterprises are suitable for the long tail keyword as the core optimization method. such as the net loan industry and lottery industry is two very large difference in the industry. Although the network loan industry development time is not much, but the industry believes that the industry has formed its own terminology, most people in the industry want to do the network loan platform, the search word is the net loan system, network loan system development and so on related keywords, and lottery industry, although the development of time, but no professional terminology, So do the lottery sales site of people search habits are diverse, long tail keyword brings the flow is very considerable, this time the optimization of the long tail keyword can bring great benefits to the enterprise.

In the search engine development more to behind, the long Tail keyword optimization importance will be more and more big. At present, I optimize the strategy is the core word and the long tail word double optimization strategy, two programs complement each other, are the core of optimization, completely changed the original core Word optimization, the concept of long tail words supplemented.

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