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In recent years, as the concept of interactive design is becoming more and more popular, the position of the interactive designer has been widely and professionally applied in internet companies--for the definition, purpose and role of interactive design, people are more or less able to say a sorta. Even if people outside the industry talk to him about what interactive design does, the feedback they get is often:

This job is good!

It's a matter of meaning!

I can do this, too!

As an interactive designer, how would you feel about hearing this?

Everyone understands interactive design!

It does sound a good thing: work can be done better on the basis of consensus and understanding. However, in the actual work, we may more or less have such a question: we have a common goal, all want to do well, want to have good market returns and user reputation, why we so hard, but often feel powerless, but also constantly encountered such, or such a tangle:

Everybody's confused.

--Interaction designers ' doubts:

1, to get a product requirements, the interaction is almost fixed

The requirements description includes the interaction framework and interaction forms, sometimes including interaction effects and details, so the responsibility of the interaction designer is simply to review the prototype for omission?

2, what is the product demand? First draw the interactive prototype and look at it.

Requirements in the description of only the approximate product description, interactive designers based on their understanding of the design and draw prototypes, the product can find many problems in demand, then modify the requirements and redesign the interaction, again, again ...

3, on a few pages, not too much time

The time that the interaction design is given is often measured by the number of pages. Many times, interactive designers have to struggle with the task and the quality of the single topic. Is it the duty of the interaction designer to simply "draw" the sketch of the page according to the requirements?

4, the product on-line, my design?

Design plan was implemented online, interactive design with passion to open the product interface, but found that their design has completely changed shape, who moved my design ...

-Many interactive designers, not just the new designers, including some of the designers who have worked for many years, often have this suspicion: what is the value of an interaction designer? Is it really a dispensable role, a simple laborer, a tool to assist in demand ... So, where is our way out and where is the future?

--Concerns of product managers

1, need and interaction inseparable, interaction designers how to participate?

In the process of doing the demand, the interactive part is thought together, if the interaction designer to do the interaction, it means that the two must be considered separately, this is not superfluous ...

2, interactive One intervene, my demand is overturned?

I wanted the interaction designer to help out with a prototype, but he always seemed to want to challenge my needs ... After the prototype figure came out, the need for many places have been changed, how to do?

3, special to do the interaction, time is not allowed AH

It is better to have a dedicated designer for interactive design, but it is difficult to set aside time for specialized interaction design when the product needs to be online quickly, especially when it is necessary for some users to study data support, interaction design often takes more time than expected, which is really difficult to accept

--product managers have their own difficulties and confusion: what can interaction designers bring us? We want interactive designers to play a more professional role, but it seems that there is always a more appropriate pattern to be found.

-The distress of visual designers

1, I should face the demand, or face the interaction

The starting point of visual designer design and the iterative process of design, would like to be in the interface information structure and interactive form, and so on, but often in the actual work will encounter such a problem: sometimes output to the designer is the product requirements (the requirements of the refinement is also inconsistent), sometimes the output is interactive prototype. Where the design needs to be discussed with the interaction designer and determine where to pass the product manager, this often makes designers at a loss.

2, visual design is constantly being asked to adjust, in fact, the demand is changing

Visual design programs are often asked to iterate frequently, this situation is sometimes due to the nature of the design itself, but more often, because a design version came out, the exhibition revealed a lot of product requirements and interactive aspects of the problem, after this many changes, in fact, in the adjustment of demand or interaction, Causing many of the previous designs to become unproductive

Visual designers want them to be able to design with clear requirements and interaction frameworks, and to identify what issues are in the design process and who to discuss and determine.

From me.

After clearing up the confusion and doubts of ourselves and partners, as an interactive designer, we must first start from the self, to better help ourselves, help others solve problems, clear the obstacles in cooperation:


reflect the value of a position and irreplaceable, the first thing to do is to improve their professional structure, at all times to maintain their professional quality.

1, the interactive design is an interdisciplinary subject, which involves a wide range of subject areas. Since China has not yet formed a system of interactive design, so, relative to professional origin, the relevant expertise accumulation and a wealth of interdisciplinary experience, it is a good interaction designer to measure the most important foundation.

2, of course, only with these theoretical background knowledge and experience is not enough, only these knowledge, experience and principles through their own digestion, absorption and organic to carry out into practice, can apply, and gradually reflect the practical value of interactive design.

3. It must be mentioned that interaction design does require some talent: an excellent interaction designer should have sharp insights, clear and careful logical thinking, be able to weigh the pros and cons, small, make reasonable decisions about complex things, and have the most important qualities of an interactive planner: empathy ( Empathy)--these, perhaps only through theoretical knowledge learning and accumulation of experience, is not necessarily easy to achieve.

Only the control of the above requirements, with the professional interaction designer's ability and quality, in practical work to play a more professional, more trustworthy role.

--Design practice

Professionalism in the actual work of the embodiment, is in the design of everything--every design details, must be considerate, reasonable; the output of every design work should be able to withstand scrutiny.

1, in depth understanding of product background, objectives and positioning of the premise of the development of design

2, in the design process, should always be the product objectives and user goals to consider, the product needs most properly "translated" for user needs

3, let the interaction design throughout the life cycle of the product: from the prophase of product planning, demand output, to interactive design itself, visual design, to product development, testing, iterative links, as well as user research and user testing UCD methods, should have a different degree of participation or attention. In this way, interactive design can truly integrate into the product, service for the product

4. Pay attention to the higher level of consideration in the work, grasp the big direction, clear the responsibilities of members of the team and each other's division of cooperation, good at adjusting the mode of cooperation and methods according to the actual situation, at all times in the most effective and smooth way to work together

It's written in the back.

Perhaps in the years before, interaction designers have had to spend a lot of effort explaining their careers--most people are completely unfamiliar with the word interactive design. Now, this embarrassing situation has largely gone. In a time when all people are talking about the user experience and everyone knows the interactive design, as an interactive designer, of course, you should be happy, and at the same time, we'd like to see that everyone needs to interact with the design and be proud to have a professional interaction designer on their team.

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