Examples of using Java enumerations

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  We've learned to enumerate when we're learning programming languages, and now we're going to look at the use of enumerations in Java.

The code is as follows: public class Test { public static void main (string[] args) {  Weekday w = Weekday.mon;   System.ou T.println (w);//Will call ToString Method   System.out.println (W.ordinal ());//print is the first few objects   SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN of the enumeration list ( Weekday.values (). length)//Total number of enumerated objects &nbsp}  public enum weekday{  Sat,mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,   Private Weekday () {   SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("one")  }   private weekday (int a) {   system.out . println ("a");  } &nbsp}     First defines a simple enumeration class weekday       Sat,mon in this class. And so on is actually the object of the weekday class   Note:   Enumeration classes also have construction methods, the construction method must be private;   It should be possible to understand the use of enumerated types through the following code, and to incorporate internal classes to understand     code as follows: public enum trefficlamp{  Red (30) {//Red light Object invocation parameter is a construction method of int type,    public trefficlamp Nextlamp () {    R Eturn GREEN;   &NBSP}  },   GREEN {   public trefficlamp Nextlamp () {    return yellow;   &NBSP}  },   yellow (2) {   PUBLIC Trefficlamp Nextlamp () {    return RED;    }  };   Public abstract Trefficlamp nextlamp ();   private int time;   Private Trefficlamp (int time) {   this.time = time;  };  }  
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