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Sometimes we have to protect the contents of the data in order to keep the cells from being modified in Excel. Can not enter data on Excel cell protection to destroy the contents of the inside, how to protect the data? So today's small knitting to carefully explain the Excel cell protection is not modified method. Excel cell protection How to:

Method one: By locking the cell

Step One: Ctrl + a All select all the cells, and then right-click in the Pop-up list box, select "Format Cells", go to the Cell Format window, select "Protection", uncheck "lock" can be. Click OK.

Step two: Continue to select one or more of the cells you want to lock, and then right-click to select "Format Cells", the same way as step one in the pop-up window select "Protection" to "lock" tick. Click OK.

Step three: Continue to select the cells you want to lock, and then click Tools-Protect-Protect worksheet on the menu bar. Enter the locked password on the Protection sheet window that pops up, and check the system by default, select locked cells, select unlocked cells, and then all the worksheets are locked. Of course, this is all locked worksheet operation, if you need to lock the section, you can then drop down the window to select the cells you need to protect, according to the user needs to set.

Step four: We can also make changes to the locked range of cells, select "Tools"-"protection"-"allow users to edit the area", you can set the area. The worksheet is locked. So when we enter data text on the above, we will be prompted not to enter.

Method two, filtration method

This method is to filter out what we do not want to write up. Select the cells you want to protect, and then click the "Validity" option on the "Data" menu, so that people can't enter data and text on the cell you're setting up.

Method Three: Encrypt Excel files

In fact, the most effective reading protection is to encrypt the Excel file after the switch off, so that people do not know the password can not open the Excel file, you can not talk about modifying the data in Excel cells.

Method Four: Freeze window

If necessary, you can set the data to be protected by freezing the window.

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