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Method One, Excel quickly enter the current date

You only need to press CTRL + in the Excel cell, note the semicolon (;) must be half-width English, then automatically appear the current (today) date, enter the current date is "ctrl+shift+:", the colon is half-width English oh.

Method Two, Excel quickly enter another date

If you want to enter a different date in Excel, you can enter it in the usual date format, for example: 2012/8/8 or 2012-8-8.

Method Three, Excel to enter the date of month and day format

If we want to enter the date format for the month/day, for example: August 08, 2012, then you must make some settings, as follows:

Step one, select the cell for which you want to enter a date, and then right-click, select the Format Cells menu bar, as shown in the figure:

Step two, go to the Cell Formatting window, then select the Number tab, select Date in the Category list, and then choose the type of March 14, 2001 in type, click OK, as shown in the figure:

Step three, and then enter a date in the cell to enter the date, the input method must be the same as the previous input, such as: Enter 2012/8/8 automatically appear August 8, 2012.

Method Four, custom date format

In step two, select the Number tab in the Cell Settings window, and then in the Category list, choose Custom, and then enter YYYY in the custom type. M "." d;@ "date format, click OK" button, as shown in the picture:

Step three, and then you can enter the date in the cell that you just set up, you can enter the same method as above.

Method Five, Excel automatically enter the date (series)

If you are going to enter a series date, then you only need to enter two, and then select these 2 date cells, the mouse moves the lower right corner, the "+" marked press and hold the left button will automatically appear the date series, which is suitable for a variety of series, as shown (steps), In fact, in the date series, the first lower right corner can also be dragged out of the series, you try the way it.

Method VI, Excel enters a date with a week

This kind of method is basically the same as method four, just choose the date format, as shown in the figure:

The results are as follows:

You can also use the same method to set the date of the upper case, and so on, here is no longer repeated.

Method VII Enter Date with Excel function

This is not too much to introduce in the date of the function, because this is relatively complex and must be used in the Date function and VBA

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