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We usually enter a number in Excel, but you have not encountered this situation, in Excel, enter a string of long string numbers, such as you enter 8888888888888.8 in the Excel cell, the result becomes 8.88889E+13, enter the ID number will also occur in this case ( Have X's ID number except) and this is going on, and the short number does not matter, originally, in Excel when the number of more than 11 digits will be automatically applied to the Count method to display, how to solve the problem of Excel input number, in fact very simple, the cell format text can be, the method is as follows:

Method one, Set cell format method

This approach is appropriate for multiple cells or whole rows of columns, as follows:

Step one, select the cell or whole row of columns that you want to enter a number, click the right mouse button, and select Format cells, as shown in the following illustration:

In step two, select the text option in the Category list box in the number selection card in the Format Cells window, and then click OK, as shown in the figure:

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Step three, and then in the formatted cell to enter the number you want to enter, then there will be no scientific counting of the numbers.

Method Two, enter the English half angle single quotation mark

If you want to enter a long string of numbers only rarely, or occasionally input one or two, then you can use this method, that is, in front of the number of a single quotation mark, but note that here must be the English quotation mark is a half-width state, the same can achieve this effect.

Another: The above method can solve the problem of Excel input numbers, and can be applied to excel in the ID card, because the ID card number is also more than 11, so you have to enter the ID number of the cell into text format in order to correctly enter.

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