Finger, who, W, users command function and format

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One, finger instruction

1, Role: Display the user information system

2, Format: Finger [option] User

Common options

-L Multiple-line display (login name,real name, no mail, login time, etc.)

-S Single-line display (login name,real name, etc.)

-m [user] displays only one user's information

 Two, W directive

1. Role: Show all online users currently logged on to the platform and what they are doing

2, Format: w [option] [user]

Common options

-H Skip Header

-L long Listing (default)

-S short Listing

 Third, who directives

1. Function: Show all online users currently logged on to the host computer

2, Format: who [option] [FILE | ARG1 ARG2]

Common options:

-A displays all information

-D Print dead processes

-R Print Current run level

-B Print the time of last system boot

-Q Displays the current online username and counts the number of online users

-S displays only user name, time, used terminals, and logged in IP

-L Displays the system logon process (which TTY is used)

  Four, user command

Role: Displays all online users currently logged on to this host

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