Five failures and solutions related to the motherboard

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When the

motherboard strikes, there may be a variety of symptoms. At this point, what should you do to eliminate the failure of the motherboard quickly and effectively? To this end, deliberately to provide users with a number of related failures of rapid response measures.

Why does the motherboard fail to start properly and there is no alarm sound?

Fault Analysis: There may be several reasons why the motherboard can not start normally, such as the capacitor on the motherboard, in the long working time, there may be burst or bubbling phenomenon, so that the filter function of the motherboard may be ineffective, so, the power supply current in a very large component of the AC shock wave, Which causes the motherboard to work unstable, so that it does not start properly, if the CPU power is not normal, the motherboard will not start normally, and no alarm sound; In addition, the CPU fan fixed clamp If the break, or memory slot break, or memory slot broken needle, CPU socket broken needle, etc. is likely to cause the above failure.

Troubleshooting: To ensure that the voltage on the motherboard capacitor is not too high, make sure that the power supply is filtered through the voltage regulator. Long-term computer work, resulting in capacitor overheating; you can use the multimeter to detect the transistor around the CPU, diode, whether it works properly in order to check the CPU power is normal, if there is a broken needle or fracture phenomenon, you must replace the new accessories.

Why does the motherboard fail to start correctly while memory emits a "beep beep" alert?

Failure Analysis: This behavior may occur because: motherboard memory slot, poor performance, the gold finger on the memory bar and the socket reed bad contact; it may be the gold finger on the memory strip, the surface of the gold-plated effect is not good, in the long work, gold-plated surface appears a very thick oxide layer, So that the memory bar contact is not good; another possibility is that the production process of memory strips is not standard, a bit thin, so that the memory and slot always have some gaps, a little bit of vibration, it may lead to poor memory contact, triggering alarm phenomenon.

Troubleshooting: To resolve this behavior, simply open the computer chassis and remove the memory strips under the power off condition, dust or oxide on the memory strips, wipe them with an eraser, and reinsert them into the memory slots. If the memory is too thin, you can use hot melt glue, the slots on both sides of the small gap to fill up to ensure that the memory is not swayed around, this can also effectively avoid the gold fingers are oxidized. If the above method, can not solve the problem, the replacement of new memory to try; In the case of new memory replacement, the alarm continues to appear, at this time can only replace the motherboard to try. Why is

not known correctly? e out keyboard and mouse?

Failure Analysis: This behavior may occur because the motherboard does not support the mouse, keyboard, so that the system can not find the mouse, keyboard, even if the mouse could be found, mouse operation is notListen to your control, or the keyboard, mouse and computer? When B is connected, the interface appears? B Connect loose phenomenon, this will be very easy to cause, keyboard, mouse and motherboard contact bad phenomenon; There is also a reason is that the mouse, the keyboard itself failure, resulting in the system can not be effectively known? E.

Troubleshooting: First Look at the instructions, to see what the motherboard supports the keyboard, the mouse, if the current use, and the motherboard is not compatible, you can replace the motherboard can be compatible with the keyboard, mouse, you can solve the problem; What if the mouse, keyboard? b Port appears loose, you can replace the keyboard, mouse interface, to ensure that? b Connect stable, reliable; If the above method can not solve the problem, you have to check the keyboard, the mouse itself, such as whether the power supply voltage is +5v, if not normal, you should check the power supply insurance resistors there is no fuse phenomenon, if the number of insurance resistors is very large, Can you use a thinner wire directly? B-Pass.

Why does the video card always emit an abnormal alarm sound?

Failure Analysis: This behavior is likely to be a loose between the graphics card and the motherboard, or the video card itself is damaged, and another possible cause is that the motherboard is not properly compatible with the video card.

Troubleshooting: If there is a loose between the graphics card and the motherboard, you must not vibrate the computer, it is best to pull out the video card, plug in well. If the graphics card in other motherboards, using all normal, but on this computer, there is always no image, but the monitor power supply is normal, then this is likely to be the video card and motherboard incompatibility caused by, at this time must be replaced with the motherboard compatible with the video card. If the above method does not solve the problem, it is likely to be the problem of the video card itself, you can install it on other motherboards, if you are not able to work, you can conclude that the video card has been damaged, at this time only to replace the new video card.

Why does the printer not work correctly?

Fault Analysis: The printer does not work correctly, excluding the printer itself from the fault and the software failure, most likely due to a live Plug and print cable, resulting in damage to the print interface.

Troubleshooting: To resolve this failure, you must replace the new print interface chip, which can often be used on the same model of the old motherboard, can easily find, you can ask professionals to help the printing chip welding, if your printer can support the USB interface, So you can connect the printer to the USB port, there is no need to replace the print interface, of course, you can also buy a multi-function card to "build" a new LPT port, but because "build" new LPT port, need to go through jumper settings and software settings, not much expertise of you, It's best not to act rashly.

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