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Papervision3d: It is regarded as the most established and popular 3D engine, which is available in the as2 era. The performance is very good (DEMO) and supports 3D models in the ASE and Dae formats. The pasters In the Dae format are very good. Many materials are supported, and almost all of the methods we can think of are supported. But relatively speaking, there are not many models, and camera is not very useful, and there is no default controller. In addition, I found that he has not updated quickly recently, and many functions have not been added one after another, which is a pity. Pv3d is a good choice if you want to implement a project that requires high performance, no need for dynamic lighting, collision detection, etc. License: MIT license.

Alternativa 3D: A commercial 3D engine written by a group of Russians. It supports 3DS format models and collision detection. There is a controller similar to counter-strike, which is very convenient to operate the lens. However, if you want to dynamically set the location of an individual model, it will be miserable and the performance will be very poor. Because it is not an open-source project, you have to consider it as a commercial application. License: alternativa3d license.

Away3d: This is a powerful 3D engine that supports multiple (ASE, Dae, kmz, 3DS, md2, OBJ) model formats, 3D animation, dynamic lighting, etc, however, the performance does not seem very good. A cube of 1024*1024 runs well. I don't know if I didn't set it. License: Apache license2.

Sandy 3D: It looks like pv3d. In fact, I think it is better than pv3d, with a clearer structure and good performance. However, I think he is not mature enough, so he needs to be cautious when selecting. License: Mozilla Public License 1.1.

Sharikura 3D: I believe everyone has read pictaps, which is quite good. The ECO zoo demonstrated at the max conference is even more amazing. Even a very smooth 3D animation, I doubt whether it was made by flash. However, we can only look at these beautiful demos.

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