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The trend of web design is so fast that we have not even been able to realize it, and some of it is outdated. So, predicting how long a design trend will pop is a false proposition. Flash was once considered the hottest web design tool in the early 21st century, and a few years ago, glossy buttons were also essential components on the web, but now they have been swept away by flattened designs and HTLM5.

Today's four design trends are carefully scrutinized, and they should continue to be popular for the next 2015 years, and will even have a strong and stylish design trend for 2016 years to come. If you look at it, you will understand that they are not being flashy or playing monkeys, and they are really redefining web design.

  1, fewer pages

Has anyone ever poked your screen and said, "Less is more?" More and more Web sites start to streamline the number of pages on the site, the use of a single page design of the site is not a few, that is, relatively traditional sites also over to the simplified multi-page page architecture. This trend has been facilitated by two factors: first, the user likes the simple, the simpler the user is easier to find the content which they want, this nature also to the website is better; second, according to statistics, the mobile end of the traffic occupy the source of the Web site traffic 40%, for mobile end of the more friendly, natural also more conducive to the Web site and If you can order on the mobile Web page of the restaurant, why bother to find a computer to place the order? Does the turnover not rise properly? Below this tall single page website belongs to London's Jacks Bar, this is a bar restaurant two in one dining organization, on the mobile side browsing becomes the user first choice today, Scrolling is more useful than clicking.

And the Triple Cherry Coffee site is another example, a typical single-page design, no messy information, it has only two navigation links, and both in the same area of the page.

 2, no outside of the response design

Responsive Web pages are naturally adaptable to a wide variety of device screens, but they are also relatively "bulky" sites that don't load faster. In the past, many brands designed desktop and mobile pages for users individually, but as the screen size of the devices on the market split, responsive web design became a more efficient and efficient solution. When search engines crawl data, individual URLs are more likely to be favored by them. From this point of view, it is necessary for the designer to consider whether the project at hand is responsive to design.

Skinny Ties is a responsive, responsive web page that can be well displayed on any screen, from pictures to content, and this site can withstand the most discerning customers.

  3, personalized user experience

Web cookies are not something new, they have served the web and users for many years. Now, designers are using them to make the pop-up window of the page appear more accurate content: More personalized ads, more in line with user experience design. A friend who is a dealer may be in great need of such a design.

For example, suppose you have an electric dealer's website that sells promotional gifts, one of your users is a company manager, or a small business owner, who is looking for a similar product for its customers and employees. This is not the first time that he has visited your website, so you can use the personalized experience design to recommend what it might need to make him a repeat customer.

In Europe and the United States, you may not find a better example than the Amazon, of course, living in the mainland, we might have been omnipotent Taobao's recommendation system of admiration.

 4. Large HD image

Storytelling is actually a basic design. The use of reliable content and beautiful images to guide users from point A to point B has been shown to be beneficial to the conversion rate of the site. Using large images and textured text can give the entire page a life, make it more interesting and allow users to interact with it. With the popularity of high-resolution devices, these pages with large high-definition images will easily be pleasing to the eyes of the user.

Warm/moving/true stories with high-definition graphics elements, users will buy. Whether the picture is used as a background or a map, the overall tone of the page will change. Wide Eye Creative is one such case.

The website of the work display is actually very good, the electricity merchant and the retail type website then needs to consider how to show is not too abrupt. The trick to using a big picture is the choice of pictures, the eye-grabbing perspective and the rich texture details that make people stop. With an interesting story, the user will stay.

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