Four Open-Source testing tools based on Java

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Testing is a crucial step in the application lifecycle. before the application is deployed, tests are required to ensure its load management capabilities and the working conditions and work loading conditions in special circumstances.

Many open-source Java testing tools on the Internet, but there are not many that can really stand the test of time and practice. This article illustrates four open-source testing tools in Java. These four tools mainly focus on front-end testing, it is widely used by testers and QA teams.


Apache jmeter-jmeter is an open-source pure Java testing tool mainly used for load testing and performance testing. The QA Team uses it to locate and discover related performance and load management problems, especially the performance problems of Web applications. It can be used for static and dynamic resources (file, Servlet, Perl script, Java object, JDBC database connection and query, FTP, HTTP, JMS, common TCP connection, LDAP and OS local process access, etc) to test the performance. It can be used to simulate heavy loads on servers, networks, or objects to test their strength or analyze the overall performance under different pressure types.

The jmeter architecture provides the "out of the box" function. In addition, it supports various plug-ins. These plug-ins can implement their unique and innovative functions. You can customize configurations and add corresponding plug-ins as needed.

Selenium -- selenium is an open-source automated testing tool mainly used for automated testing of Web applications. Unlike other testing tools, selenium can run on many platforms and operating systems, it can run directly in a browser and support all popular testing frameworks and programming languages, such as C ++, Java, Python, PER and Ruby.

Sahi -- Sahi is another open-source automated Web Testing Tool. Sahi can be used to test dynamic Ajax applications and has an outstanding automatic playback mechanism. Its main features are: independent platform and browser, excellent recorder, no waiting, no XPath, built-in JAVA exception interaction report.

Robotium-robotium is an open-source automated testing framework for Android applications. It should be said that robotium is the most commonly used open-source tool by developers. It is mainly used for automated black box testing for Android applications. It provides APIs that simulate various gesture operations (such as click, long-pressed, and slide), search, and assertion mechanisms, allows you to operate various controls. Robotium does not need to test the application source code, and is easy to install and write test cases. Of course, it can also test some browser-based Android applications, but the premise is that there are some restrictions.

Which tool do you use, developers?

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