Four reasons why the system can't recognize the mobile hard disk

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A mobile hard drive, by the IBM Mobile hard Disk box and a 20GB Toshiba notebook computer hard drive combination, after more than a year of use, accumulated some experience. Under normal circumstances, a removable hard disk is connected to a host and the system can recognize it as a removable storage device and automatically add a letter to my computer. If the system will recognize the mobile hard drive as "Unknown USB device", then the mobile hard disk will not be used, when this happens, you may wish to find the reason in the following order.

one, system-related Setup problems

1. Do not think that as long as the motherboard has a USB connector can use the mobile hard drive, but also to see if the system support. Windows2000, Windows XP and the above version of the system can directly support the mobile hard drive, no need to install the driver can be used, while the use of Windows98 under the mobile hard drive must install the driver, or the system will be the mobile hard disk recognized as "Unknown USB device."

2. For some Windows98 users, after installing the driver for the mobile hard drive, you can view the removable hard disk icon from Device Manager, but there is no corresponding letter flag in the resource manager, which is caused by improper system setup. Double-click the move hard disk icon in Device Manager and click the "Properties" button in the pop-up window. You can see the disconnect, delete, sync data transfer, and INT 13 unit four options, where the system defaults to the default, and then restart the computer after you check this option. You can see the new mobile hard drive letter in the resource manager.

second, the motherboard USB interface problems due to the motherboard's USB interface problems caused by the mobile hard disk can not be used normally, mainly from the following aspects to solve:

1.USB Interface not open: on some old machines (including some brand-name machines) Although there is an external USB interface, but in the BIOS is the default shutdown, so even if the system support is not, so you should check the BIOS settings in the USB interface option is open: In the boot computer, hold down the DEL key, Enter the BIOS settings, set "Onchip USB" to "Enabled" in "Chipset Features Setup" or "Integrated peripherals", and save and restart the computer.

2. The system does not support USB interface: This kind of situation also mainly appears on some old computer. such as a compatible machine, the motherboard is the flagship VISTA710V2, motherboard chipset with the Via Apollo MVP3, external USB interface card after the system is not recognized (installed Windows Me and Windows 2000 dual systems), in the Device Manager can not find " Universal Serial Bus Controller ". 52 Hardware Network ( a check, the original motherboard chipset has problems, hurriedly download the latest motherboard BIOS from the Internet to refresh, and downloaded via specifically for the chipset provided by the USB driver patch, finally on my computer recognized the "Mobile storage device."

3.USB Interface power supply is insufficient: the vast majority of mobile hard disk normal work required 5V voltage, 0.5A current can be directly through the motherboard USB interface supply, but some motherboard USB interface of the power supply does not reach this value, resulting in the mobile hard drive can not be recognized by the system. Fortunately, the mobile hard disk box dedicated USB cable on most of a PS/2 connector, as long as the connector plug in the motherboard PS/2 interface can be.

third, improper operation of the mobile hard drive can not be used due to improper operation of the mobile hard drive can not be used normally, mainly refers to the timing of the removal of the hard drive is not well mastered.

1. It is best to close the various applications that are running before you plug them in, and do not plug them in during system startup.

2. The mobile hard disk will have a system call when it is first connected, read the process, before the end of this process is best not to do any action (recommended to the mobile hard drive less points, the more areas, the system to identify the longer time), to wait until the work of the mobile hard drive led stabilized before starting operation.

3. Using a removable hard drive can also be used before, occasionally once and can not use the situation, this situation can be the first "system equipment" in the "Unknown USB device" Delete, and then unplug the mobile hard disk, and then restart the system, and then move the hard drive to connect, the fault can generally be resolved.

Four, the problem of moving the hard disk itself if the above reasons for troubleshooting, the mobile hard drive is still not available, it is likely that the mobile hard disk itself has a problem. The structure of the mobile hard disk is relatively simple, mainly by the hard disk box and notebook computer hard disk, hard disk box is generally not bad, the problem is most of the notebook computer hard disk caused. In order to avoid the hardware damage of the mobile hard disk, the following aspects should be noted in use:

1. The mobile hard disk should be used in a smooth place, not to be moved when it is being read and written to make it vibrate.

2. In the removal of the mobile hard drive must be strictly in accordance with the procedures: when the hard drive does not read the disk, double-click the "Unplug or eject Hardware" icon in the lower-right corner of the taskbar to "stop" the use of the device in the window that appears, remove the device option from the system, and then unplug the hard drive from the host (remember not to unplug it when the hard drive is read or write). Otherwise very easy to damage the notebook computer hard disk). 3. Even in the non working state, vibration is the largest killer of the mobile hard drive, this requires users to take a mobile hard drive out when the effective measures to reduce shock (some brands of mobile hard disk in this respect to do a better job, the device itself has taken shockproof measures), it is best to put it in a plastic foam around the box.

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