Four ways to insert Flash animation in PPT

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now many disciplines often have to do some research study or survey reports, the use of PowerPoint is a good idea.

In many cases, we need to add some flash animations to make our slides more vivid, aesthetically pleasing and persuasive. But PowerPoint does not provide the same direct functionality as inserting a picture. So how to insert Flash animation film in ppt?

Let me teach you four ways:

Method One

Name the extension. SWF Flash animation file inserted in PPT

---Insert an object created by a file

---Select activate content in the Object Actions option in Action settings

Insert Flash animation method in ppt two

Generated by the Flash. EXE animation file insert ppt

1. Insert a picture first

2, the picture "Action Settings" in the "mouse click" option, select "Run Program", and specify the file path and file name

Note: When using this method, be sure to change the "security" option in the PPT menu tool "->"-> "Security"-> "macro Security" to "low". Otherwise, a warning box will pop up each time the demo.

Insert Flash animation method in ppt three

Insert an animation with an Active X control

---Select the View-> Toolbar-> Control Toolbox

---Click "Other tool icon", from the Drop-down list select "ShockWave Flash Object" option, the mouse into a "+" shape, drag it appears Flash control graphics.

---Click the Properties button on the Control Toolbox to open the Properties dialog box.

---Select Custom, click the Browse button and enter in the Movie URL in the pop-up dialog box. SWF file path and name, and adjust "play", "quality", "loop" and other properties.

Insert Flash animation method in ppt four

Using the Insert Hyperlink

1. Run the PowerPoint program to open the slide you want to insert the animation in.

2. Insert any object in it, such as a piece of text, a picture, and so on. The purpose is to set a hyperlink to it. This object is best associated with the contents of the animation to which it is linked.

3. Select this object, click on the "Insert" menu, and in the Drop-down menu that opens the hyperlink.

4. Pop-up window, "link to" select "Original file or Web page", click on "File" button, select the animation to insert, click "OK" to complete. When you play the animation, just click the Set Hyperlink object.

Comparison of several methods

Method three most intuitive, can be directly played. Method Four the simplest, suitable for beginners.

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