Functions for automatically creating multilevel folders using the FSO

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Turn on FSO permission to execute Regsvr32.exe scrrun.dll in Start-"run". If you want to turn off FSO permissions, add the/u parameter in the above command. The key value location in the registry: HKEY_CLASS_BOOT\F.S.O. There is a method in the FSO that is createfolder, but this method can only create a new folder in the presence of a folder above it, so I wrote a function to create a multilevel folder automatically, which is very convenient for the generation of static pages. Function:

The following are the referenced contents:
’ --------------------------------
' Automatically create a specified multilevel folder
' strpath is an absolute path
Function Autocreatefolder (strpath) ' as Boolean '
On Error Resume Next
Dim Astrpath, Ulngpath, I, strTmpPath
Dim objFSO
If InStr (strpath, "\") <=0 Or InStr (strpath, ":") <= 0 Then
Autocreatefolder = False
Exit Function
End If
Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If objfso.folderexists (strpath) Then
Autocreatefolder = True
Exit Function
End If
Astrpath = Split (strpath, "\")
Ulngpath = UBound (Astrpath)
strTmpPath = ""
For i = 0 to Ulngpath
strTmpPath = strTmpPath & Astrpath (i) & "\"
If not objfso.folderexists (strTmpPath) Then
' Create
Objfso.createfolder (strTmpPath)
End If
Set objFSO = Nothing
If ERR = 0 Then
Autocreatefolder = True
Autocreatefolder = False
End If
End Function

Call Method:

The following are the referenced contents:

MyPath = "C:\a\b\c\"
If Autocreatefolder (MyPath) Then
Response.Write "Create folder succeeded"
Response.Write "Create folder Failed"
End If

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