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Do you often encounter the following situations when you have a love book? Meeting presentation ppt When the notebook is still 30%, but suddenly encounter no electricity embarrassment? The key moment in the game suddenly encounter battery power? Notebook just bought back less than a year time battery but frequent strike false power? Important issues such as business and office notebook but the time is getting shorter ?

Golden Hill Guardian after a long period of in-depth research notebook users, visit a lot of notebook users (business office, game talent, hardware enthusiasts, etc.), found that such problems have been plagued the vast number of books users! So what causes these situations to arise?

Jinshan Battery Doctor experts said: the main reason for such problems is that the daily incorrect use of notebook users led to increased battery consumption, greatly reduced battery life, which led to a large loss of battery time, and gradually formed a vicious circle. This shows that the damage to the battery is very serious.

In order to solve such as "battery life, short duration" so that notebook users headaches, Jinshan Guardian after one months of successful development of notebook users for the battery maintenance and power management software! Recommended notebook users daily use, delaying battery aging, reduce battery loss, improve battery life! Have a battery doctor, You will be able to travel, meetings and other places to effectively increase battery life time, to ensure that work, living, entertainment will not be interrupted by the battery of trouble!

It is worth mentioning that the software or PC end of the first perfect will save power and battery maintenance function perfect integration of software!

Battery Health Checkup: Test battery health status to assess battery life

According to the relevant media survey, in China, nearly 70% of notebook users of the battery has a serious loss, aging problem, a large part of the incorrect battery charging and discharging methods caused. More seriously, the laptop battery loss will increase over time, resulting in irreversible loss of electricity and battery aging, thus greatly reducing battery life.

Figure 1

Battery doctor industry pioneered the "Battery Health checkup" function, in-depth comprehensive detection of all kinds of battery information, according to the various values (loss degree, battery temperature, full cycle charge) system Comprehensive assessment of the current battery health situation, and give the corresponding maintenance recommendations (such as a full cycle charge), So as to guide users to care about love and battery, to extend battery life, reduce the efficiency of battery loss.

Figure 2

One-click Set Power Saving: Accurate prediction of battery available time move life leisurely

The capacity of the battery and the speed of the energy consumption determine the notebook users in the mobile state of the experience, and the current notebook battery normal use time is only 2 hours short, can not meet the growing user notebook mobile office entertainment needs.

Figure 3

Battery doctor can not only according to the current system power consumption accurate calculation of the use of time, more can be hardware and software to optimize the two-pronged, and provide a variety of power-saving mode for users to choose (high-performance, balanced, super Power), users can switch according to the requirements of power-saving mode to achieve performance Thus, the battery endurance can be extended without reducing the usage experience, which greatly facilitates the use of notebook users in mobile state. Let your mobile life, from now on stroll, leisurely.

Figure 4

Battery maintenance: Develop good use habits fully maintain battery to reduce battery loss

Notebook battery life is generally only 2-3 years, if not careful care combined with incorrect battery charging and discharging habits, will make notebook battery life greatly shrink, seriously affect the normal use of notebooks.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Jinshan Battery defender Unique "battery maintenance function" can maximize the extension of battery life, active guide users to maintain battery, intelligent periodic full cycle charge to ensure the activity of lithium ions. In addition, Jinshan battery doctor can clear, specific display of the battery loss diagram, to help users more intuitive, convenient battery maintenance and maintenance, in order to achieve the purpose of delaying the service life.

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