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Today, the @jason-yangsong students share his debut, although it is the first summary, but the article is very important to use the Guide page as a starting point, combined with the Guide page purpose and design principles, to help designers in-depth thinking of the User Experience Guide page design, examples and theory, Especially worthy of reference yo.

  First, the role of user guidance

Mobile apps use user guidance when new users register and new releases are released, what is the role of user guidance?

Can be discussed from two aspects: on the one hand, from the product point of view, the product needs to be guided by the user to highlight the new function and characteristics of the product, explain the functional structure changes, to avoid the unfamiliar feeling of products to meet the needs of products. For example, the petals, through the user Guide to explain the function of the product modules, and encourage users to explore, establish the interaction between products and users, narrowing the distance between users and products.

On the other hand from the user's point of view, users need to guide the user to understand the function of the product and how to operate, quickly start this product, reduce learning costs, to meet the needs of users. For example, the user-led form in the graph tells the user to operate through gestures, thus realizing the interaction with the product, establishing the user's paper, letting the user know how to operate, and the user will soon start the product.

  Design principles for User guidance

  1. Ensure the effectiveness of user guidance

To ensure that user guidance to play their role, highlighting the function of products to help users better use of products. This is the first principle of user-led design, user guidance is the product content and form of the auxiliary instructions, if you can not guarantee the user Guide to play a role, that user guidance not only lost significance, but will affect the user experience.

  2 . triggers the corresponding user guide according to the use scene

Users in the use of products are a certain use of the scene, according to the user's use of the scene triggers the corresponding user guidance, to ensure that when the user needs to eject the boot is the most consistent user experience, but also the most willing to accept the user. Such guidance will not be particularly abrupt, get the user overwhelmed, but also in the corresponding scenario to help users. For example, Facebook opens a positioning guide, but the user needs to send the current position, the application will pop up the graphics in the form of guidance, tell the user to open the role of positioning, users in this scenario will be happy to open positioning, so as to improve the switching rate to open positioning, and will not feel that this guide affected their own experience.

  3. Reduce the disruption to the user experience, as much as possible to enhance the user experience

User boot in the user to use the product in the process of pop-up is unexpected, it is likely to disturb the user's use of the product fluency, the user experience has been compromised. Because this is what the user did not expect to appear suddenly, to a certain extent, there will be a certain sense of panic, but good user guidance appears in the user needs, but will play a timely, enhance the role of user experience. Just like the user in helpless time, others to the user a useful reminder, but moved the user. For example, Google search, in the user to drag operations, the top of the status bar into a warm hint, not only do not disturb the user, but some help, users will feel very intimate.

  Third, the development of user guidance norms

Each mobile application has a set of its own user guidance specifications, in the development of user guidance specifications, do not blindly drill into the user-led design inside. The study of various competing products, reference to various user-led style, which itself is understandable, but pay attention to the user-led style to suit their products. All said paper's guidance to do well, is because paper the main interactive form is the gesture operation, therefore this kind of user guide form is suitable for the paper, but the transplant to other product is not necessarily suitable.

User boot specification can be specified in different forms, one from the user-led style point of view, the product involved in a variety of user guide style one by one list, and explain the scope of each guide style, triggering mechanism and elimination mechanism. The advantage of this form is that all kinds of guided styles are structured clearly and at a glance.

Another form is from the product function point of view, because of the importance of each function of the product and the priority of different, the corresponding need to highlight the extent of the difference, so the user-led style is divided into strong and weak three categories, the main function of the product, high priority for the use of strong-boot style, for secondary functions, The lower priority uses a moderate boot style, and for accessibility, the lowest priority is the weak boot style. At the same time, strong and weak three classes include several guide styles. The advantage of this form is from the product point of view, according to the importance of the function of priority selection of the corresponding guide style, convenient and quick.

  Iv. Summary

The user-guided design of mobile applications should ensure the effectiveness of the guidance, design according to the use scene, and reduce the interference of the user. Remember the role of user guidance, choose the most suitable for their own products to guide the form, so that users to guide a better distance between products and users.

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