How do I uninstall office2013?

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How do I uninstall office2013? Many computer users will encounter the software uninstall is not clean, people are very distressed. Among them, many netizens pointed out, office2013 also exist uninstall not clean problem. So, what's the way to get office2013 to unload completely? Today, I share a method for the Control Panel/Add and Remove Programs uninstall the error, as well as directly perform CD setup.exe repair/delete the error of the classmate. My OS is Win732bit,64bit's classmate to control the official document only a few changes.


office2013 Full Uninstall Method:

Step 1: Remove any remaining Windows Installer packages from the 2013MicrosoftOffice system.

1, under the Resource Manager press the ALT key, select Tools Folder Options View uncheck the "Hide the extensions of known file types" option.

2, press the WIN+R key, pop-up Run box, enter "Installer" (no quotes), jump to the installer directory.

/* At this point note that the official document began to appear ambiguous

3, press the ALT key, select View Select the "theme" option, and the "Selected column width" set to 340, and save.

4, the view into the details and click on the "theme" category.

5, look for all the "subject" in the installer directory of MSI files about Office, and all right key uninstall (which has a office2013 ontology may not be deleted, without the tube).

Step 2: Stop the Office Source Engine service.

1. Press Win+r, enter Service.msc, locate the Officesourceengine service and stop it (discard if not found).

Step 3: Delete any remaining 2013MicrosoftOffice installation folders.

1. Press Win+r, enter%commonprogramfiles%microsoftshared, delete the Office15 and Sourceengine folder under the directory, if you encounter deleted files can be crushed (XX guards generally have this function )。

2. Delete the Office15 folder, under your Office installation directory.

Step 4: Delete any remaining 2013MicrosoftOffice installation files.

1, look for each disk root directory under the Msocache folder (this is a hidden folder, you should open the folder option in the display of all hidden files), and delete the directory contained in each shape such as 0ff1ce}-folder.

Example: {90150000-001b-0409-0000-0000000ff1ce}-c

2, press Win+r, enter%appdata%microsofttemplates, and delete the Normal.dotm in the directory and welcome to use Word.dotx.

3, press Win+r, enter%appdata%microsoftdocumentbuildingblocks, open the directory under the title of four-digit folder, delete the form like Buildingblocks.dotx file.

Step 5: Delete the registry subkey for the 2013MicrosoftOffice system.

1. Create a restore point (recommended) or back up the registry yourself.

2, the following is 32bit operation, need to delete the registry entries:












3, positioning to Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionuninstall, click on the file to export, arbitrarily named (Please note back up the file).

4, right click on the reg file, select Edit, in the pop-up Notepad look for "Office", delete the form as

"UninstallString" = "XXXXXOfficeSetupControllersetup.exe", deletes the row, and then repeats the action, deleting each row found.

5, all deleted after the save file, and double-click Import.

Step 6: Restart the computer

This completes the unloading of the office2013 Oh! It's really troublesome, is there wood?

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