How do routers set up mappings?

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If you want to put a Web site, mailbox system on your computer, and you want to be able to access your server outside the network, then install the Server software on the computer, and set up the map on the router.

1, first open the router (here TP as an example, other similar) control interface.

2, enter the forwarding Rules column, select Virtual Services. The following interface will appear:

Each column corresponding information

Service port number: is for you to create the server open port number, such as Web server is generally 80 ports, FTP server is 21, if it is Office software system, we need each other to provide the port number. You can also enter a port segment, such as: 6001-6008.

IP address: LAN as the server's computer IP address, that is, your intranet IP, generally for 192.168.1.*.

Protocol: The protocol used by the server, the general choice of all will not be wrong.

When completed, select effective, then save, restart the router.

If it is for Office software to open the extranet access port, then it is necessary to click into the Special Application section, set up the opening of these software system mapping port, finally effective, save.

The corresponding information of each column

Trigger Port: The port number used to trigger the application, typically filling in the port number provided by the software developer.

Trigger protocol: The type of protocol used to trigger the application, and the choice is all right.

Open ports: When the trigger port is known, packets leading to the intranet on the port are allowed to go through the firewall so that the appropriate special applications can work properly under NAT routing, adding the port number provided by the software developer.

Attention matters

Different brands of the route is slightly different, but the column set basic on these several, you can refer to their respective operating instructions;

If the link IP is a dynamic IP, then visit the site, you also need to install a dynamic IP service software, in order to achieve access to the extranet.

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