How do you make complex mathematical formulas in Word 2010?

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How do you make complex mathematical formulas in Word 2010? We all come across some of these formulas in school documents and at work, especially when we do a final review with a lot of formulas, financial and other science majors. In this way, we need to learn how to enter some formulas in the document, the basic use of WPS and office inside the Word/excel can be made.

1, first of all, we look at word 2010 the most basic common formula is two times formula, two-item theorem, Fourier series and Pythagorean theorem, the other formulas we can according to the relevant symbols and models to make their own. We open the "Insert" menu and click "Formula" to view it.

2, into the right track, if in the common formula there is no we want to use, we need to open the "Insert" menu, click on the "formula" after clicking "Insert a new formula" to make a new formula.

3, the formula tool's "Design" tab inside there are commonly used symbols and some templates, like fractions, subscripts, radicals, integrals, large operators, parentheses, functions, derivative symbols, limits and logarithms, operators, and matrices, these are the frames of some formulas that require us to enter symbols and numbers directly.

4, for example, I want to enter a formula for upper and lower fractions, you can first enter "and/product/difference/quotient =", and then under the "Score" model to select the first "score (vertical)". After selecting the model, an input box appears, and we can enter the required symbols, letters, and numbers according to the textbook formula.

5, however, if we encounter difficulties such as standard deviation, beta coefficient of these infrequently used characters, we can click on the "Symbol" tab of the Drop-down arrow inside find, found in the position where it should appear directly below the button can enter the character.

6, finally, we will encounter some like a few times with superscript and other subscript the number/letter, we can also enter the number/letter first, and then click the "Start" menu "Font" tab inside the "superscript/subscript" to achieve. For example, "X" 3 times, we first input "x3", and then select the number "3" point "superscript" can be completed.

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