How do you use zooming to quickly set up a printed page in Excel?

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How do you use zooming to quickly set up a printed page in Excel? Efficient use of page settings, printing not only to improve efficiency, but also to save paper.

1, in the process of printing, often encountered such a situation, the page is set up, after the print preview will find that the last page has very little content, you can print less than one, this must be adjusted to the margins, this is not only the problem of trouble, and you adjust to, adjust to, always feel inappropriate. For example, as shown in the figure, we will find this file, printed on the third page of the content is very small, can be printed on two pages of paper.

2, open the "Page Setup" dialog box, in the "Zoom" function "adjusted to" 1 pages wide, 2 pages high, remember to encounter this situation, the page width is always 1 pages, page height you want to print how many pages, set how many pages wide.

3, but you will encounter a new problem, after setting the two pages, you will find that the printed font will be small.

4, that also need to do page setup. Set the top and bottom margins smaller.

5, set up up and down the margin settings, you will find that he will automatically adjust the proportion to the best effect, do not need to use the Pull method to adjust the margins. Very convenient.

6, in the "horizontal printing" when there will be such a problem, because the column is too wide, or other reasons, we want to print on a page of content, to print to two pages, to drag the margins to be set, this method is not high efficiency

7, the same, open the Page Setup dialog box, under the "Zoom" function "adjusted to" 1 page width, 1 pages high, you can quickly adjust.

8, look at the effect, is not fast, we work in peacetime in accordance with the actual situation, flexible use, and further improve work efficiency.

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