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"How to open the Registry Editor" is not a difficult problem, but for netizens who are not very good at computer knowledge, it is really a headache when the computer has problems or needs to change its settings. Because you need to open the registry for operational resolution. So how do I open Registry Editor? Small series for everyone to organize the two most common open Registry Editor method, I hope that everyone has the need to help friends.

How does the Registry Editor open?

  Open Registry Editor Method one:

Click Start-Run, or hold down the computer in the lower left-hand corner of the win button (field key) at the same time press R key, bring up the running window, in the Run window input regedit, OK, to open Registry Editor, to modify the registry. Under Win7, we can also enter regedit directly in the search box in the Start menu, and you can also open Registry Editor after carriage return.

  Open Registry Editor Method two:

Locate Regedit.exe in the Windows directory, and double-click directly to open it. This approach is mainly for WIN2000/XP systems. Because the concept of 2000/XP is added to the design, there are 2 ways to open Registry Editor in these 2 systems. One is to enter Regedit directly in the start-run, and the interface appears the same as 98/me. This is not explained in detail here. Another way to do this is to focus on this article----Registry Editor with permission restrictions (Open method: Enter REGEDT32 in----run).

When you see the need to select a key value, edit the Drop-down menu can see an option → permissions, click this option with the mouse, and then a new window, with the mouse click each user group can see different permissions restrictions. If you think a user group has too much authority, then you can modify the permissions below (Note: You must give the Administrators group users full privileges, otherwise once you or the appropriate software, driver to modify the registry, but because all groups of users do not have permissions to modify, So you will not be able to successfully install. Therefore, full permissions must be assigned to the Administrators group user (system default)

If the registry is compromised and the above methods are not available, how does the Registry Editor open?

This situation is usually caused by Trojan, then you can choose anti-virus software for Trojan scan and system repair. In this, small series to everyone recommended Jinshan Guardian antivirus software for killing and repair.

Golden Hill Bodyguard is the most powerful Trojan horse, detection of the fastest, the smallest volume of free security software. Golden Hill Guardian uses Jinshan leading cloud security technology, not only can killing hundreds of millions of known Trojans, but also 5 minutes to find a new Trojan; vulnerability detection for windows7 optimization, faster than similar software 10 times times faster, more real-time protection, plug-in cleaning, repair IE and other functions, comprehensive protection of your system security.

Open Jinshan Guardian, click on the top of the "Killing Trojan" icon, click the Quick scan can be. Golden Hill Guardian will quickly scan the system in the Trojan, while detecting system problems for automatic repair.

After you clear the Trojan or repair the system problem, the registry should now open properly.

If you still can't open the registry, we copy the code at the end of this article to Notepad, click on the file-save As, change "save type" to all files, rename the file name to "Repair registry. inf",

Save this file to any location, right-click on the saved file and click Install.


Signature= $CHICAGO $





system,disableregistrytools,0x00010001, "0"


Registry operation has a certain risk. We can solve the optimization, setup and repair of the system through Golden Hill guards, which can be more convenient and safe. For example, the boot start item modification, service item opening and shutdown, right key menu management. Wait a minute.

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