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Step one, open the excel2007, and now we begin to draw a sine curve. To enter the data, the input method is to enter radians and sin on the a1/b1, then enter 1-360 directly below the A1, enter the formula "=sin (A2*PI ()/180)" on the B2. Now the mouse is placed in the lower right corner of the cell, and when the mouse turns into a small black cross, pull down and pull through 360 columns. As shown in the figure:

Step two, now that the data input is complete, we begin to arrange the data, exclude A1 and B1, and then select the other cell boxes, as shown in the figure:

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Step three, click on the toolbar "insert-scatter chart-with smooth line scatter plot", will automatically generate a sine curve. As shown in the figure:

Here, using Excel to draw the sine method is explained here, of course, we can do the above methods to do other types of graphs, drawing methods are similar, all as long as the master of the main basically will do the graph. Here is a reminder that when we enter data, we must have enough data to react directly to the graph to reflect the data.

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