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After the laptop is used for a while, the display screen will gather some dirty things, such as dust, finger print or other stains, not only affect the browsing of the laptop display content, but also affect the beauty of our beloved notebook computer. Maybe everyone has their own way to clean the laptop display screen, but the method may not be correct, if the use of improper cleaning method, very easy to scratch or even damage the display screen. Here, let me introduce you to two simple screen cleaning methods:

Remember, no matter what kind of clean screen method, you need to be in the shutdown situation.

First, clean water and soft cloth

If there is only dust on the surface of the screen, there is no need to bother. With a soft cloth, if conditions can also use the quality of the glasses cloth, water slightly wet, wring dry, regular from the top, from left to right to wipe the screen, and then use soft toilet paper will wipe the water mark. If you use a rough rag or toilet paper, a long time notebook display screen prone to scratches or bad points, we need to pay attention.

Second, special cleaning agent

The display screen is prone to finger marks and difficult to clean stains, because these stains usually contain oil ingredients, so the use of water can not be cleaned. In this case, we can buy a special LCD screen cleaner for cleaning, the price is probably between 100~200 yuan, usually the special detergent has a detailed use instructions. To remind you, try to go to the mall to buy a special detergent, not to save money to buy some unknown detergent, because this product is easily added containing corrosive chemicals, this kind of unqualified detergent after several times, your screen will be more miserable

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