How the Cisco router password resets

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1, terminal configuration software (HyperTerminal or SECURECRT, etc.) parameters are configured as follows:

Rate: 9600bps

Check digit: None

Data bits: 8

Stop bit: 1

Flow control: None

2, restart the router, in the process of restarting press the Ctrl+fn+break key, the desktop press the Ctrl+break key.

3, the router in the start-up process, into the Rommon state.

4, modify register value, input command: Confreg 0x2142 or O/R 0x2142. You can also Da Guo see the specific commands.

5, Input command I boot system, if the device in the restart process requires initialization configuration, the way to answer No.

Would to enter the initial configuration dialog? [Yes/no]:no

Press RETURN to get started!

6, the router will skip boot configuration boot, enter configuration mode, then you can enter the command copy startup-config running-config to copy the boot configuration to the current run configuration. Then you can change the password.

1841 (config) #no enable secret xxxxxxxxx (the words behind no can be copy/paste)

1841 (config) #enable secret admin

7, test the new password.

8, modify the Register value: Use the command config-register 0x2102

9. Use the command Show version to view the value of the register.

10, save the configuration of the router.

1841 (config) #wr or copy running-config Startup-config (remember to save router configuration)

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