How the Win7 system does not reload system split partitions

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"First step" "Computer" → right key to open "management"

"Step Two" click "Disk Management"

Start Partition split

"One" Select the partition you want to split. Here take D disk as an example, select it, and right-click the compressed volume

"Two" gives the size of the disk partition that will be zoned. Here, for example, to carve out 30G. Then click Compress (the split space size is less than equal to the amount of free space on the original disk)

"Three" zoning completed

"Four" right-click the new partition, and open "new Simple volume"

"Five" direct next windows7 tutorial

"Six" given the size of the partition can be stored, of course, how much is specified how much

"Seven" allocates the partition number. Partition from D disk, where e should be assigned. Explain later why.

"Eight" format the partition and set the basic properties. Direct Next

"Nine" click Finish

The "Ten" partition is complete. And the step "five" in contrast to know why to format it.


Hard disk generally has 255 heads, 63 sectors, so the size of each cylinder is:

512byte x 255 x 63=8225280bytes =7.84423828125 MB

If you want to divide 40GB, then 40X1024MB=40960MB

Required number of cylinders for 40960÷7.84423828125=5221.66

Take an integer of 5,222 cylinders

Should be divided into m number 5222X7.84423828125=40962.6123046875MB

No matter the decimal point after a few have entered 1, that is, 40963mb,windows is considered to be 40GB.

This method is common to NTFS and FAT32.

Input value (MB) =[([X (GB) *1024/7.84423828125]+1) *7.84423828125]+1

The amount of compressed space before splitting 30G partitions is 30726, not 30*1024=30720.

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