How to back up and restore Windows IIS server settings

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Many people may need to set up some Web services, FTP services, and so on when using Windows information IIS (Internet server,internet Information Server), but after a while, Web sites, FTP sites, virtual directories are more, and their configuration becomes increasingly complex. Sometimes you may have a computer malfunction, you have to reinstall the operating system, so the original configuration is all lost. Can the IIS configuration revert to its previous state? The answer is yes.

Back Up IIS settings: IIS itself has the ability to back up and restore IIS settings. You need to back up IIS before you restore IIS settings. The process of backup is simple: In Windows Server, locate the administrative tools in the Start menu, click Internet Services Manager, right-click on the Serverõs name, and click "Backup/Restore Configuration" in the pop-up menu to show the window as shown in the accompanying picture. Click the [Create Backup] button, and there will be a dialog box to enter the name of the IIS configuration Backup, where we enter "IIS Backup 1". Click the OK button and the IIS backup is complete.

Note: Before you back up IIS, you need to completely set up your Web site, FTP site, and SMTP site, because the system will only be backed up for the current configuration.

Restore IIS configuration: If after a while, the configuration of IIS no longer meets your needs, you can revert to the configuration of your backup. Also open Internet Services Manager, also right click on the original server name, click "Backup/Restore Configuration" in the pop-up menu, will appear similar to the drawings of the same window, but this time unlike the previous one, the original backup (such as "IIS Backup 1") will appear in the list box, and handles the selected state. Click on the [Restore] button, the system will pop up the query window, prompting the user "restore is a time-consuming operation, it will overwrite all the current settings and cause the entire service to stop and restart, are you sure you want to continue?". If no one is currently using these services, you can allow such an operation, you can click [Yes] for the recovery of IIS configuration, if someone is currently using these services, it is best not to restore operations to avoid loss of user data. After clicking on the [Yes] button, the system will remove all the configuration from the current IIS, restore the original backup configuration, this process depends on the number of IIS itself site configuration, generally a two minutes can be completed.

In addition, while the system can save multiple backup files, after each backup is restored, the previous configuration will be overwritten, and be sure to ensure the accuracy of the configuration operation you want to restore.

Finally, don't forget to back up the configuration backup file to another location for the computer to reload. The backup path is under/system32/inetsrv/metaback.

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