How to clean up the Windows 8 App Store cache

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The application store in the WIN8 system contains a wealth of new interface applications that enable users to easily find, download, and install various applications. However, due to the application of the WIN8 application store defaults installed in the system disk, the path can not be changed, if the installation of the WIN8 system did not leave enough space for the system disk, causing us to continue to install new WIN8 applications, the WIN8 system disk space is getting smaller, not only affect the system running speed, It is not even possible to install new WIN8 applications. So how do we clean up the cache files that Win8 left behind when the download was installed? Actually, the method is very simple.

Press "Win+r" to open the Run dialog box, then enter the "wsreset" command, or press the "OK" button.

After the command runs, the WIN8 system goes into the application store, and the cache is clear and the following prompts "cleared store cache".

Attachment: If we want to view the cached directory of the WIN8 application, you can press "Win+e" to open Win8 's file Explorer, check "hidden items" in the "View" field, and then go to the directory "system letter: User name appdatalocalpackages", Here you can see the cached files for the WIN8 application. For example Win8 new Interface PPTV application folder for "PPTV." Pptvhd_svvymaqds8vhm ".

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