How to configure multiple broadband routers in LAN

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If it is a bandwidth router I think everyone will configure, but if a network has multiple routers how to configure it, I would like to introduce a solution to you.

For wireless access or wireless coverage expansion requirements, we have purchased a number of routers, this document mainly describes how to use a number of routers together to achieve a full coverage of the home network.

L Home Network wired network expansion to wireless network solution

Assuming that there is an ADSL broadband line (or community broadband line), after the cable broadband router to achieve the two computers share the Internet, the network connection diagram is as follows:

Network cable is to the room or other places in the home directly connected to the desktop and other devices wired Internet, but the home of mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops and so inconvenient or unable to connect to the wired Internet, the need to use wireless to the Internet, a new wireless router can meet the demand. Assuming we purchased the 300M wireless Router tl-wr841n, we can set up a home wireless network in two ways (recommended method one) as follows:

Method One: Use the wireless router to replace the wired router directly, realize simultaneous wired and wireless Internet access (recommended).

Method Two: Do not want or cannot remove the wired router, the wireless router cascaded to the wired router to achieve simultaneous wired and wireless internet access.

tl-wr841n Setting method (the original wired router remains unchanged, configuration is not changed):

Step 1: Use the computer PC2 connection tl-wr841n (do not connect it to the wired broadband router at this time), use the browser to access, enter its management interface.

Step 2: Go to the DHCP server--DHCP service, shut down DHCP, save, as shown below:

Step 3: Enter the wireless settings, set the relevant wireless signal and password, save, as shown:

Step 4: Enter the network parameters--lan port settings, the LAN port IP modified to (can be modified to other IP, recommended between, save and restart, as shown:

After this operation, the TL-WR845N management IP will also become

Step 5: Connect the tl-wr841n LAN port to the LAN port of the original broadband router. At this point, the Hall wireless coverage is complete, just cable or wireless connection tl-wr841n can share broadband network.

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