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Word translates to ppt, and you may be able to do it easily, but instead of translating PowerPoint to Word, you know what? I have always used a very stupid method, that is, the words inside a section of the stick out. Less text is good to say, if more words, the workload can be imagined ...

Transformations in PowerPoint 2003

One of the most common ways you might use this is the following: (in Microsoft Office PowerPoint Version 2003)

1. First open the Chinese PowerPoint file that needs to be converted into Chinese word files, then the left mouse button selects the "file → send →microsoft word" command.

PowerPoint 2003

2. After the selection is complete, the Compose dialog box appears first, and you should select a layout configuration in the layout in Microsoft Word Usage column, and then in the add slides to Microsoft Word document Column to change the way you want to convert Chinese PowerPoint slides to Chinese Word files.

3. After the above selection, then use the left mouse button to click OK, you can start Chinese word, and then automatically convert the Chinese PowerPoint file to the Chinese Word file, you only need to make some changes in Chinese word, you can complete the conversion work.

But after I tried many times, the conversion effect is quite unsatisfactory.

Transformations in PowerPoint 2007

In Microsoft Office PowerPoint version 2007, this feature is still not being improved. The Microsoft Word command entry was not found in send.

"Send" in PowerPoint 2007 does not have the option to convert to Word

The biggest failure of Microsoft office 2007 is a change in the interface that almost completely subverts the habits we used for years, but when you get to know it, there's no real change, which is one of the reasons why more netizens are unwilling to accept Office 2007.

Microsoft Word commands have indeed been moved somewhere, click "Publish"--click the "Create handouts with Microsoft Office Word" menu.

Creating word handouts in a publication

What do you see? A completely PowerPoint 20,031-like dialog box, without even any modification, does this translate from PowerPoint to Word? Obviously, he has the same effect as the PowerPoint 2003 conversion, thinking that this feature has not been upgraded. The same is Microsoft's Office platform, on the exchange of how it is so difficult?

No changes with Version 2003

Generally careful users may be in the production of PPT, first use Word to create a document, in two copies, so as to prepare for a rainy day, it seems to be afraid in case someone needs Word documents, you may flying blind.

Having said so much, is there any way to be perfect to translate PowerPoint into Word documents? I can only regret to tell you that

There is really no perfect solution at the moment. The so-called perfect, of course, is the converted document you can use almost without modification.

Although I said above, you do not need to leave immediately, does not mean that the following methods do not have any effect on you! And this method is the simplest, but also the most effective way, do not believe please continue to look down.

Application perfect translation of PPT to Word documents

It's easy to say that you copy the following code text into Windows text and save the file as. vbs to generate an executable program. Save in any place, such as the desktop. This code is what I stumbled upon, but it felt good and simple after use.

' Bind to local computer

StrComputer = "."

' If an error occurs, continue execution

On Error Resume Next

Set objWMIService = GetObject ("winmgmts:" _

& "{impersonationlevel=impersonate}!" & strComputer & "Ootcimv2")

MsgBox "This script can bulk convert text in a PPT file into a Word file. Pictures, tables, and so on will automatically skip the "& vbCrLf &" Use, please copy all the PPT files to be converted to the directory C:. Double-click to run this file. "& vbCrLf &" Running this script requires that Office be installed on this computer

' Create a Word object

Set objword = CreateObject ("Word.Application")

' Create a PPT object

Set Pptapp = CreateObject ("PowerPoint.Application")

' Get a collection of files in the C: directory

Set FileList = objWMIService.ExecQuery _

("Associators of { ' C: '} Where" _

& "ResultClass = Cim_datafile")

For each objfile in FileList

' If the file name extension is PPT

If objfile.extension = "ppt" Then

Pptapp.visible = True

' Open this PPT file

Set pptselection = PptApp.Presentations.Open ("C:" & Objfile.filename & "." & Objfile.extension)

' If you want the script to work faster, change the following line to ' objword.visible = False ', not recommended.

Objword.visible = True

' Create a new word to save the text in the PPT


Set objselection = objword.selection

' Start the loop from the first page of the PPT. Slides.count is the number of slides

For i = 1 to PptSelection.Slides.Count

' Start with the first text box in each PPT, Shapes.count, that is, the number of text boxes on each slide

For j = 1 to Pptselection.slides (i). Shapes.count

' If it is the first line of each page, it will be treated as a heading and become bold.

If I =1 then

ObjSelection.Font.Name = "Blackbody"

' Add text from the TextBox to Word

Objselection.typetext pptselection.slides (i). Shapes

(j). TextFrame.TextRange.text

Objselection.typeparagraph ()

ObjSelection.Font.Name = "Song Body"

End If

Objselection.typetext pptselection.slides (i). Shapes (j). TextFrame.TextRange.text

' Add a carriage return

Objselection.typetext vbCrLf



' Close this ppt file


' Save the Word file.

Objdoc.saveas ("C:" & Objfile.filename & ". Doc")

' If you don't need to close Word, delete the following line


' If you don't want to eject the message box, delete the following line

MsgBox "Converted word has been saved in C:" & Objfile.filename & ". Doc"

Else ' no ppt file

' MsgBox ' ERROR: C: no ppt file found! "

End If



Click here to download the program directly >>>

How do I use a program to convert PowerPoint to a Word document?

Put the PowerPoint document you need to convert to the root of C: Double-click the. vbs program we just generated, pop up the dialog box below and click OK.

Wait a moment (depending on the size of the PPT document). will automatically open a generated Word document, what do you see? conversion completed, pop-up the following dialog box, click OK after the end of the call.

This program does not need to be installed, run directly, and the file is small. It is a good idea to close previously opened word and PowerPoint programs before converting.

Since the text order in the translated Word document is not typeset, the user should adjust it. But it's been getting us a few more.

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