How to deal with the high transmission and marketing cost of small and medium-sized enterprises

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Xiao Zhang is a design of a company, recently because of its customers in the process of providing design services, from the Internet to download 17 pirated pictures, this thought that the Internet to provide a large number of free resources, they just download a few to use it will not be found, but not long ago there are copyright companies to come to the door, A company which requires the use of the design material to compensate for a fine of 50,000 yuan; in the end, although the use of the material of the company did not know, but not affect the company's reputation, but also the price of compensation for 50,000 yuan, and the small Zhang personally also to the customer compensation for nearly 10,000 yuan loss; if you buy the right to use these pictures in the normal way, The price may not be more than 5000 yuan.

Little Zhangzhi thinks it's bad luck, because before many design peers are using the online free pictures, but with the current advertisers marketing way from the traditional television to the new media, mobile media transfer, many peers or even small advertising companies, business owners because of the use of illegally authorized pictures, or the network reprint, Share and suffer the same predicament.

Although the situation in the copyright industry in China is not as clear as the developed countries in Europe and the United States, but people's awareness of copyright is constantly improving, "copyright purchase and advertising split, has become the major mobile new media and traditional media copyright cooperation standard action." Of course, it is accompanied by the government's special operation to combat cyber piracy activities for 10 consecutive years since 2005, and as of September 2014, the operation has prosecuted 4241 cases of internet piracy, closed 1926 infringing websites and confiscated 1178 units of servers and related equipment, A fine of RMB 7.83 million, transferred to the judiciary to investigate criminal responsibility cases 322, the fine amount of more than RMB million yuan.

A small picture, the amount of fines reached tens of thousands, really let a person sigh, but as the Millet company founder Li Vanchang said, the image of the era has been fully arrived, pictures in the enterprise market and marketing process played a more and more important role; a suitable photo with short text will not only make the audience more receptive, More impressive. Imagine, there is no background picture of the full text creative, media coverage, flooded in every corner, in this information bombing era, how many people can be patient to watch it?

In fact, facing most large and medium-sized enterprises, advertising companies and the media of genuine image content production and commercial transactions, in the country has more than more than 10 years of history; but with the advent of the internet age and social media marketing, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, including content-type, information-type websites and media need to use new media to promote and marketing, Even for large and medium enterprise users, micro-BO micro-letter operation, the image is also an essential carrier; the traditional picture library image authorization, and far beyond their needs, the corresponding price is relatively high, a general licensing creative class (non-editorial category) picture price, according to different uses and time periods, The price is about 100-2000 yuan, which is very difficult for them to accept.

So is it really the only way for small and medium business owners, advertising agencies and the media to download pirated material from the Internet?

Copyright, the need for the use of pictures and traditional pictures of the high price of the library, the formation of the conflict can not be running-in, this is "small Zhang" and the other tens of thousands of people have used illegal licensing materials of enterprises and individuals facing the embarrassing situation. Fortunately, the market is always a sharp weapon for conflict resolution. September 9, 2014, the largest and most influential business picture company in China (VCG) launched its first electric business platform--HD meager profit picture library, view network (, the so-called meager profit, This means that the price of the picture material is more reasonable than the high-end picture library, more adaptable to the needs of small and medium enterprises, advertising agencies and the media; The platform is currently using international standards of packaging and subscription-type purchase, in the subscription-type purchase package, the price of a single picture of 1.9 Yuan/Zhang, refreshing the low profit picture transactions of the historical low, Full-automatic Electronic business platform, 7*24 hours online purchase, to ensure that users online registration, you can complete the download, payment, invoicing all the action.

The rise of the profit picture library not only allows small and medium-sized enterprises, advertising companies are no longer plagued by high transmission and marketing costs, to solve their copyright concerns, but also for many photographers, designers, illustrators bring more opportunities to achieve their dreams. Generally speaking, this will create a very good virtuous circle, the enterprise spends very little money, can buy the use authorization of the copyright person, this is not only respect to the copyright person, to own enterprise and brand image of respect, is also to more common people's dream support.

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