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The beautiful ppt that spreads on the internet often differs from the PPT in our work. The various PPT tutorials circulated on the Internet often contradict the actual situation in our work. Beautiful ppt Common is that the text is very simple, with a wonderful picture, animation is gorgeous. A variety of PPT tutorials will also be mentioned, to streamline the text, only to mention the point of view. A little less text, a little more chart, such PPT will certainly look good.

What is the actual situation of PPT in our work?

The person who writes the material, does the PPT often is not the final report person. You have worked hard to write the material, the production of PPT, and finally at the meeting to preach to everyone is often your superior leader or superior;

When you do ppt, often need to follow the Word document faithfully, dare not delete a word. Because the leader who preach PPT has no time to prepare, what he does is read the PPT to everybody in the meeting hall;

Contradiction came out. You need to copy word text into your ppt and do it beautifully enough to attract listeners and prevent the audience from falling asleep in the speaker's prosaic voice. This is really a difficult thing to do.

This ppt, we want to do clean, neat is not difficult. We just need to be aware of the following principles:

1, Font unity, the title recommended 20th Black Bold Bold, the body recommended 18th black bold bold.

2, spacing is moderate, 1.5 to twice times the line spacing is a good choice, of course, you will encounter the text is too much can not be streamlined, 1.2 times times the line spacing is acceptable.

3, up and down alignment, right and left alignment. Paragraph text to use both ends of the way, paragraph and paragraph should pay attention to the right and left, the picture and pictures should pay attention to the top and bottom alignment.

In fact, the above requirements and word layout is no different, how to make these full text-style ppt More beautiful? We need to match the corresponding illustrations to the text, which is the real difficulty.

Before the text diagram, you should first understand the content of the manuscript, sorted out the meaning to be conveyed, summed up the words in line with the points, in the collation of the relationship between each other, then you can easily choose the necessary charts.

Examples of text matching diagrams:

Case 1: Emphasize the key points in the text with a diagram.

Case 2: Paragraph text can be highlighted with two points.

Case 3: Paragraph text can be highlighted with three points.

Case 4: The text can be divided into three paragraphs for presentation.

Case 5: The text can be divided into three paragraphs for presentation.

Case 6: Paragraph text can be highlighted with four points.

Case 7: The text can be divided into four paragraphs for presentation.

Case 8: Text with pictures.

Case 9: Wrapping text in a text box.

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