How to enter a formula for a system that is not in word2013

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the word2013 input system does not have the following formula steps:

Step one: For example, the following formula is an acoustic formula, create a new document, find the Insert--formula--insert the new formula.

Step two: A box appears, we first enter the n=, then click the Score, then select the first, the score (vertical). Place the mouse on top of the line, and fill in the number 2 when the dotted box is dimmed. When finished, click the box below with your mouse, and when it is dark, insert--symbol--the Greek letter λ.

Step three: Later continue to edit in the formula box, insert parentheses directly after the input a+b-d. When you are finished, you can see the entire contents of the formula.

Step four: Again, for example, the more complex formula below. This needs to be divided into two parts, part is not in the formula box, part in the Formula box, first the letter F, then select subscript, hit the number 0.

Step five: And then to insert-insert a new formula inside the score, if you find the symbol is not convenient also can be found in the Sogou input method, such as Pi Direct pronunciation can be typed. Then hit the back, click on the square root sign input squared, you can see that there is also a dotted box, click to darken it, and then click the Score again, enter the corresponding letter.

Step Six: Then use the Sogou input method to play about Equals, you can also enter D, in the pop-up more special symbols found about equal to.

Step Seven: Finally, according to the previous steps to the score and the root of the radical respectively. If the formula is used frequently, it is best to save it to the system. The method is to select the entire contents of the formula, and then, at the bottom of the insert--formula, locate the selection as a new formula, and then enter the name of the formula. The next time you open the formula, the most recently saved formula can be found at the top.

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