How to enter an underscore in word2003

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1, enter the words you want first--and then select them--select "format"--"borders and shading"--Select the "Borders" tab inside the Custom "--and then select the line style--the most important thing is to select" paragraph "in the" Scope of application "--and click on the bottom line in the Preview box.

That's it, okay?

2, there is a simpler way to use the shortcut keys, you can try to use the "shift+ dash that key (that is, the 0 key next to that)"

A table picture in Word can rotate

Method One: Copy to Excel, transpose, then Post. Select the pasted, transpose.

Method Two: The word with the horizontal page set up, screenshots, paste the picture to the longitudinal page. The picture rotates.

Method Three: Change the direction of the text in the table. Text direction. Vertical line can

Method Four: word-Page Setup-paper-preview-Applies after the insertion point. Set the page portrait horizontally, then another page, and then change the landscape to portrait OK (repeat preview-applied after the insertion point).

Method Five: Copy the form, click on the Menu "edit"-> selective paste-> picture, right-click the picture in the right-click menu click "Combination"-> ungroup, again right click the table select "Combination"-> combination, then you can click on the Drawing toolbar rotation button to rotate, or set the rotation angle in the table's object format.

The above method is more likely to lose the form line, if the table line is missing after pasting as a picture, you can directly right-click the picture to enter the editing state, pull the ruler widen the display area of the picture, add or edit the form line, select the table right click to combine, rotate, close the picture edit window to the Word window, This gets a neat table line and does not change the direction in which text is displayed.

Headers and footers in Word

For a multi-page document, when you need to use a different page header for one or more of these pages, here are some examples of how to do it:

Example: There is a 8-page document, 1th, 2 pages do not need a header, 3rd page header is "document", 4th, 5 page header content is "WORD", 6th, 7 page header content is empty, 8th page header content is "end".

Set the steps as follows:

1, at the end of 2nd, 3, 5, 7, click insert → separator → next page, insert the required separator character.

2, into the header and footer edit state, move the cursor to page 3rd of the header, click the "link to Previous" (XP Version "previous") on the "Header and Footer" toolbar, and disconnect from the previous section so that you can set the header as needed independently. Also enter the 4th, 6, 8 page header editing status, disconnect the link. (Note: When the cursor is in the 1th, 2 page header, this button is not optional, because the 1, 2 page is the first section, its Front no section of the link can be broken or chain.) )

3. Enter "Document" in the header of page 3rd, enter "WORD" on page 4th, enter "End" on page 8th.

If this document is a page number need to be set separately, such as page 1th, 2 does not require a page number, starting from page 3rd to set the Start page is "1", starting at page 6th to start again with the page number from "1". Its method is basically similar to the way the header is set.

1, set the separator, the same method as before, at the end of the 2nd and 5 pages, respectively.

2, broken links, the same method, just notice the cursor moved to the footer to set, respectively, in 3, 6 page footer set.

3, insert the required page number. Click "Insert → page number → format" on page 3rd and select "Page 1". On page 6th, the same method is used to set the line.

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