How to enter belt ring 100 in word2013

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the steps to enter band 100 are as follows:

Step one: Enter 100 in the Open Word2013 document, select them, and then click on "Circled Characters". As shown in the figure.

Step Two: Ord the default maximum circled character is two digits, and only the maximum is 99. As shown in the figure. We are in the pop-up menu, choose "Increase circle number." Click OK.

Step three: After completing the above steps, the Word document automatically adds a circle number to "10". Select 10 with the circled number, right-click, and choose Toggle Field Code. As shown in the figure.

Step four: In the new interface, the "10" to "100", of course, can also be replaced by four digits, five-digit number and so on. Then press the "CTRL +]" key combination to enlarge the circle number. Know that the circle number looks like it can hold three-dimensional numbers. As shown in the figure.

Step five: After completing the above steps, right click on the code and select "Toggle field code". As shown in the figure.

Step Six: After you complete the above steps, you can see that 100 is already on the circled number. As pictured. But the position is not very centered and needs to be adjusted. Right-click on it and choose font. As shown in the figure.

Step seven: In the Pop-up interface, select "Location", click the Drop-down menu, select "Promotion." Then the reader according to their own needs, adjust the amount of ascension, can achieve satisfactory results. As shown in the figure.

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