How to modify the hard drive from ATA to AHCI under Windows 7 systems

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Before you solve the problem, you should know the relevant knowledge:

1. What is AHCI functionality?

Full name Advanced host Controller Interface: Advanced Host Controller Interface, an Intel-led technology that can perform the potential acceleration of SATA drives, which can increase disk read and write speeds by up to 30%.

2. What is SATA HDD?

Refers to Serial ATA hard drives, which are evolved by Pata:parellel ATA; SATA is currently the mainstream, line fine, fast transmission, and Pata line wide, slow, old computer hard drives are used in this architecture, will be alternating generations, commonly known as IDE hard disk, so new to buy a computer to choose SATA Hard disk, and need to be SATA2 specifications.

3.AHCI need to have the necessary requirements?

The ① HDD must have the NCQ (Native Command Queuing) native queue function, which is typically a SATA2 hard drive, which is currently sold on the SATA hard drive.

② Computer motherboard bridge chip, to have the ability to support AHCI, cronies computer is unable to enjoy.

③ computer BIOS will not be able to enjoy the AHCI feature on the Open

The first step, modify the system registry.

Start menu-run, enter regedit carriage return, enter Registry Editor, find the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CURRENTCONTROLSET/SERVICES/MSAHCI

Change the value of Start under this key to 0

First step, reboot system, modify Biso

Reboot the computer and enter the BIOS (for example, my system presses F12 at boot time) and then select into the BIOS.

Locate the hard drive settings in the BIOS settings, change the ATA to AHCI, and then save the exit BIOS.

This allows Windows 7 to automatically install AHCI drivers after a reboot.

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