How to open a computer's Office document on a cell phone or tablet

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Many people must have encountered the situation: we have to leave the computer, but we can not leave the computer documents. Since the advent of the WPS Office Mobile version, the small partners do not have to worry about this issue! Maybe a lot of small white users do not know how to use the Office APP, gossip, today, small series on hand to teach you how to open the phone, flat on the computer Office documents.

The first step is to import the document into your phone.

Data cable: If there is no wireless network, data flow, it is recommended that you use the most original method, with the data line to store the document to the phone, flat, the storage location can be recorded.

Upload the document to the network disk. For mobile devices, the network disk is an essential tool. You can choose the easy to use Jinshan fast disk. The WPS Office Mobile version also supports more network disks to meet your usage habits.

The second step is to run the WPS Office Mobile version and find your document.

1. Install WPS Office Mobile version on mobile phone and tablet (download address:

2, on the phone, the tablet to find the software icon

and run.

3, immediately see the WPS Office Mobile version of the unique document photo wall, click the main program icon to bring up the menu and find the "open" document location, as shown below.

4, if you use the data line method, please select "Browse Directory" (Legend:

To find the target document in the phone's home directory, you can open the document you want, as shown in the following figure.

and select a network of students can choose "Jinshan fast", direct landing account, experience the convenience of mobile office and fun.

Use other methods to save the document to the network, you can download the document to the mobile phone, the tablet by various means Oh! Well, when you successfully "moved" the document to the mobile phone, the tablet, you can operate freely! What do you mean? You're not going to save it? It's easy to find in the top right.

Just press the button!

WPS Office is the introduction of the Kingsoft Office software, running on the Windows/android/ios/linux platform of the full function of Office software. Support to view, create and edit a variety of common Office documents, so that users can achieve Office applications on a variety of devices, to meet the needs of users anytime and anywhere office.

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