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In the Excel European symbol how to play, I believe for a lot of skilled with Excel friends, is very simple, but for some beginners, is a rookie, it is a little hazy feeling, after all, just contact with the things have not been used. But, it doesn't matter today I will help beginners to solve this problem, help beginners quickly understand Excel, in Excel How to quickly enter the ohm symbol. This method is many, wait for the author one by one:

The easiest way to do this is to insert the letter ohm symbol directly in Excel, first find the Insert option in the menu bar, and select the symbol under the Drop-down list box.

On the Symbol tab that pops up, we have 2 more ways to play the Ohm symbol, the first method is directly in the "subset" option, "Basic Xina", and then in the symbols below, you can find the ohm symbol Ω. The second way to break into the ohm symbol directly in Excel is to enter the 03A9 number directly in the character code, automatically help you find the ohm symbol, and then click "Insert", as shown in the following figure:

Method Two, if we do not want to enter the ohm symbol in Excel, how to fight the ohm symbol? We can enter ohms with other software, and then in the past, this is also a method, such as we directly in Word after copying the past, take the Omega symbol can be specific in Word how to play the ohm symbol, The author does not elaborate.

Method Three, if we feel too troublesome, we download a certain input method to the Ohm symbol how to play, such as Pinyin Gaga, Sogou, QQ, the premise is that you have to customize a good menu before the line. Here I use Sogou to give examples. After all, with Sogou people or a lot of, the author is also used Sogou, hehe. Of course, first of all I want to download Sogou input method, directly to Baidu download can, very quickly. It is ready to use when the installation is complete. We can switch the input method to "Sogou Pinyin Input Method", on top dozen oumu, or Oumijia, so that the ohm symbol directly hit out. As shown in the figure. We can also switch to "sogou Pinyin Input Method", a small icon window appears, then click the "Soft Keyboard" button in the window, select the "Special symbol" option, and pop up the window shown in the following illustration, and then we find the ohm symbol Ω on the "special symbol"-"Xina/latin". This completes the operation.

The above is the ohm symbol how to play all the main content, these are the author of some small experience, hope to a little help to the reader OH

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