How to prevent your own wireless network from being rubbed against the net

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1, set up wireless encryption

Anti-RUB network is the simplest and more effective one way is to encrypt the wireless network, considering the WEP encryption method is very easy to be cracked, so we strongly recommend that you choose WPA2 encryption, and select AES algorithm to ensure that no line by the security and performance.

  2. Turn off SSID (Network name) broadcast

After setting up the wireless encryption, we need to start hiding ourselves. By turning off the/ap SSID broadcast without lines, it is hard to find your wireless network in search of wireless, which reduces the chance that your wireless network will be "rubbed". Of course, it is also important to modify a personalized SSID to prevent the "rub net" from guessing.

 3, turn off the DHCP function

With the SSID broadcast turned off, we also need to turn off the DHCP feature, which means that no lines from/ap can automatically assign IP addresses to wireless clients. And in order to further prevent being "rubbed nets", we'd better modify the default IP address of/AP by default, such as:, we can modify to, so as to prevent the "rub net" people easily guessed.

 4. Reduce transmit power and upgrade firmware

At present, some no line by the/AP has the ability to adjust the wireless transmission power, by adjusting the wireless transmission power, you can control the wireless network coverage, so can also prevent "neighbor" "Rub the net", because it is difficult to search your wireless signal. In addition, upgrading the/AP firmware is also important because it not only fixes some security vulnerabilities, but also increases the likelihood of additional protection to achieve better security protection.

  5. Set MAC address filter

MAC address filtering is a critical step in preventing the "rub net" setting. We use the characteristics of network device MAC address uniqueness, by setting "Allow MAC address connection" list, only allow the client in the list to connect the wireless network, so even if the wireless key is cracked, "rub net" people still can't connect to your wireless network, the protection effect is quite outstanding!

Through the above methods, the general "rub net" people will be very difficult to invade your wireless network, your network will restore the smooth past, your data information will become more secure. Well, if you're still bothered by the "rub net" problem, try these methods.

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