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In many cases, the data we enter in the Excel cell contains fixed content, such as the first six digits of the ID number from the same district and county level must be the same, or the contact address of people from the same counties and cities is fixed. In this case, the efficiency is very low if you just enter it in turn. How can I quickly and accurately enter these data with fixed content? Here are a few ways I must have a solution for you.

  Excel on the basis of the Czech Republic enter data with fixed content

Excel fast input Fixed data method one: Auto fill

If the data contains fixed content, but it is also a regular data, such as the employee number of employees, in some sort of way, they are a regular sequence. The simplest and most straightforward way to do this is to use automatic padding.

For example, you need to enter the data is "12345xxxx", after four-bit is not the same, the first five bits of data are the same. So we just need to enter 123450001, 123450002, 123450003, and then select the three cells, and drag the fill handle of the range of cells down to the desired position to complete the autofill.

If the fixed content is text, but as long as the number part is a regular sequence, such as "One Workshop 001", "a workshop 002" and so on, you can also use this method.

  Excel fast input Fixed data method two: Format cells

If the data you want to enter is not automatically populated, we can also simplify our work with the help of formatting cells. For example, the data to be entered is a group of 14 digits, the top ten of which are "0737070680", and only the last 4 digits are different. By formatting cells, you can enter only the last 4 digits, allowing the first 10 digits to be added automatically.

The way to do this is to select the range of cells in which the data is located, and then right-click and select Format Cells on the pop-up shortcut menu to open the Format Cells dialog box. On the Number tab, in the Category list, click Customize, then enter "0737070680000#" (without quotes) on the right side of the type input box, that is, enter the previous common section, the first three digits in the four-digit input "0", and the fourth-digit input "#". So as long as the input in the cell directly into the "1", "2", "3" and so on, you can directly fill the 14-digit number.

If the data contains fixed text, such as the first few words are "Shandong province Weifang", then we can also in this custom "type" input box to enter "Shandong province Weifang" @. These words can be added automatically when you enter them later. This method displays all the data on the screen, but by clicking the cell we can see in the formula bar that the actual data is just the part of our manual input.

 Excel fast input Fixed data method three: Formula merge

Suppose the data contains the fixed content "Shandong province Weifang", which needs to be entered into the A2:a10 cell range. We can enter the data in the B2:B10 area in addition to the fixed content of the content, and then click A2 Cell, enter the formula "=" Shandong Province Weifang "&b2", after the completion of the drag the cell fill handle down the copy formula to the A10 cell to get the full data.

Then select the A2:a10 cell range and press CTRL + C to copy the data. Right click on the pop-up menu, click the "Paste" command, in the Open dialog box select the "Value" single option, OK, you can delete column B data.

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