How to set up computer timing shutdown

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Method One: First in the "Start" menu, click "Run", input "at Xx:xx shoutdown-s" can be achieved timing shutdown, xx:xx refers to the specific shutdown time. You can also enter "Shoutdown.exe-s-t xxxx". XXXX refers to the number of seconds to shut down after the desired length of time. If you want to cancel after you run the program, enter "Shutdown-a" (note that the above input does not include quotes).

If you want to run under Windows 2000, simply copy the "Shutdown.exe" file in the Windows XP c:windowssystem32 directory to the C:winntsystem32 directory under Windows 2000.

Method Two:

1. Do a file to shut down the machine

Create a new file on your desktop with the Notepad file and type "(New ActiveXObject (" Shell.Application "). Shutdownwindows (); " (quotes are not entered, the same below), and then close save, renamed to "SHUTDOWN.SJ", so that each time you double-click the file with the mouse can be turned off.

2. Countdown shutdown

Do you want the countdown to shut down? After entering "shutdown-s-T 30" in "Start" → "run", you can automatically turn off the computer after 30 seconds, of which 30 is the countdown seconds of shutdown, or you can customize input, if you want to cancel the countdown shutdown, you can also enter the "Shutdown-a ”。

3. Timed shutdown

Create a new shortcut on your desktop and enter it in the wizard location (the default installation disk is C): C:windowssystem32 tsshutdn.exe 10/powerdown/delay:01, where 10 is the delay time for shutdown,/delay : 01 for power off delay time. In fact, the timing shutdown is to use the "scheduled task" program to add this "shortcut", and then set to XX time shutdown, for example, every 22:00.

4. The shutdown appears prompts the information

If you want to display the message at the same time as the shutdown, for example: "The computer will close soon, remember to save the document." "Then create a new" shortcut "on the desktop and enter it in the wizard" location ": c:windowssystem32shutdown.exe-s-T 30-c" The computer is going to close now, remember to save the document! " This way, double clicking on the "Shortcut" will show a prompt window.

5. Make shutdown setup

In Windows XP, you can set the shutdown to enter "Shutdown-i" in "start" → "Run", will pop up a "Shutdown setting" window, which can carry out "remote shutdown", warning time setting and schedule option settings, in which the shutdown depends on your setting. If you want to get more shutdown tips, you can use "shundown-help" to query.

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