How to simulate the whole process of fingerprint scanning in PowerPoint2007

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Given the security factor, a growing number of industries are using fingerprint scanning systems. Can only be a specific fingerprint to pass detection, although do not rule out the method of cracking, but it is only in the film, for the reality, a little unrealistic. In this course, we'll explain how PowerPoint simulates a fingerprint-recognition animation effect.

Case Tutorials

1. Let me download two identical fingerprints, one black and another red, and some maps. As shown in the following figure, first select the Red Line, click the menu bar-animation-Custom animation, pop-up the right side of the animation pane, add an entry-the action effect.

2. Then continue to be the line that adds a downward motion path.

3. Set down the properties, start: After, path: Unlock, speed: Medium speed can be.

4. Select the red fingerprint, add the entry-erase the action effect.

5. Set erase properties, start: Before, direction: From Top, speed: Medium speed.

6. Select the red line again, add exit--vanishing action.

7. Select the Red rectangular box and add an entry-the action of the wheel.

8. Set the wheel action parameter, start: After, the radial choice 1, the speed: Medium speed, not too fast, otherwise looks the effect is not obvious.

9. Finally add an entry-zoom action effect for the go typeface.

10. Select the entire graphic and click the menu bar--format--alignment--centered.

Animation Demo

Set all finished, click the Slide Show button to start viewing the effect. First the black fingerprint, from top to bottom, began to turn red, and a red line gradually moved downward. When all turned red fingerprint, the proof scan completes, the surrounding red border starts clockwise rotation, arrives a circle, the center first goes the word, permits passes.

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