How to switch users after Windows data sharing

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Suddenly encountered the sharing of windows, unexpectedly let forget, a new record.

The first time you access a shared computer on a network, you ask for a username and password, and you don't need it when you visit. But this also brings a disadvantage, how to change users?

The use of a post I've searched from the Et8 is:

NET Session/delete

But after I actually visited the share, there was no record in the net session view, and it was not deleted.

Well, also do not know whether cancellation and restart can achieve similar results, but I hope that there is no cancellation of the scheme, thank you.


NET use

Will list the network connections that you currently have open

NET use */delete

Will remove each link you open.

NET use$ */user:administrator

He will prompt you to enter the password for the connection:

"Please type$ password:"

If you want to frequently change the account to access the remote machine, to control the panel, the user account, click your current account, such as Administrator, and then click on the left "Manage My network password", add or delete the corresponding remote server account information can be.

It's a good way upstairs, I use it myself.

Delete No problem

A new connection can be completed in one sentence:

NET use ipipc$ "password"/user: "username"

After the IPC pipeline is created, the credentials can be used for the connection of 3389, 139, and so on.

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