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In companies, businesses, homes, schools, as long as there are networks where there are network cables, but sometimes to add a network cable from a long way through a layer of barriers to pull the network cable to the destination,

It took a lot of money.

The company often want to add a machine here, there to add a punching machine. To pull the network line from the ceiling, very dirty, and black, so I had to use a network cable when two, to help him left the switch money.

Material: a main cable. Four small sections of network cable. Adhesive paper

Let's look at the next machine and find a suitable network cable. Cut off the crystal head at both ends.

Cut four small network cable according to normal method each dozen a crystal head.

Then use four Small network cable to connect with the main network cable. Optimistic about the method, the front for the Small network cable, after the main line

The first small line of Orange white, orange and orange, green and white, green and green

The second small line of Orange white, orange and orange, green and white, green and green

Such a network cable is good, we divided into a second cable

The third Small network line orange white and white, orange, blue, green and white, green and brown

Four small line orange white to blue white, orange to blue, green and white to brown, green to brown

In fact very easy, as long as you remember to use the main line to connect two small lines of the 1236 line on the line, remember to stick with the glue paper, do not short-circuit, or cause the network loop is not my business oh.

In fact, I just say that and, let us refer to, after their own hands will really remember and understand.

Answer a question, the speed will not be slow. No, because we usually only use 1236 lines, others just to do spare, like for telephone lines and so on. Now we use the spare, 1236 broken, there is no spare.

1236 lines in order is: orange white, orange, green, white, green!

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