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Google has become an integral part of our lives, all food, clothing, housing, sports, education, and ledu can be answered through it, in the information over the Internet generation, to find the right information is far more difficult than to get a lot of information, how to quickly find in the vast sea of the things you want? Today, we're going to share some of the Google search's skimming steps.

Today's course: Google search

Course content: How to quickly find the information you need when using the great God of Google

Note: Each function can be combined to use, the effect is better

Let's review the previous search methods we used most often, directly enter the search keyword, at most, choose to search all sites or Traditional Chinese, time point, and then to a simple blank key to separate the different keywords, but still difficult in the search results quickly lock the target.

Secret technology One, search for a variety of alternate file name: "filetype"

When students need to do a report, office workers need to find information, we often need to find a Word file or a PowerPoint presentation, how to search for a specific profile name? This can be directly in the Google search box to enter Filetype:doc, The search results will be all Word files! Users can enter the name of the file to search for themselves as required.

Secret Technology II, exclude unwanted information: "-"

Often when we are searching, is not afraid to find information, but afraid to find too many, at this time please use good to exclude the content, for example: I want to find relevant information of the central government, but a dozen central University of information, as long as input central-Central University, Information related to Central University will not appear in search results.

Secret technology Three, find a section of information: "Year." Years

This is usually used when looking up data in a news or a certain interval. For example, I want to search for GDP figures from 2005 to 2007, and if GDP is likely to be a lot of data to get the results I want, but if the input is GDP 2005..2007, then can search for a period of information.

Secret technique four, the title theme must appear the key word: "intitle"

Google will search for information from the Title field and content. So the search results will be quite a lot, if we lock some of the title of the data, the results will be streamlined, for example, I want to find blog software information, I entered the software information Intitle:blog, only the title contains blog information will appear.

Secret skill Five, the website must appear the key word: "inurl"

With the last secret technology, sometimes we would like to lock some of the information on the Web site, for example, I want to find school-related registration information, I will enter the registration inurl:edu, only to find the Web site contains EDU Academic Network related results, it will be more efficient!

With the above five secret skills, I believe that friends will be more love to use Google to find information, of course, Google search is more than this, but due to limited time, had to be clear again next time!

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