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hp in the original appearance on the basis of the product to enlarge the fuselage proportionally, and plug in a more robust hardware configuration! Although from the appearance to maintain the original design elements, but inside the fuselage but there has been "earthshaking" changes, Hewlett-Packard also added a high end suffix "plus" behind its name. The machine is named HP WASD Shadow Elf Ⅱ plus game Ben. "This is crafted for professional gamers"-Hewlett-Packard Design President Stacy Wolff.

HP WASD Shadow Elf Ⅱ Plus: This is not proportional amplification!

What kind of configuration do you think the game will take to satisfy all your game needs? As we all know, shortly before the Nvidia released a new generation of "10" series of independent graphics, in our evaluation of the next generation of graphics cards have proved their own strength, configuration, the HP Shadow elf Ⅱ-Gen Plus GTX 1070 independent graphics, Intel Core I7-6700HQ processor, 16GB fuselage memory and 256 SSD+1TB storage capacity. So what are the surprises of the new HP Shadow Elf Ⅱ?

This machine still continues the HP WASD Shadow elf I design modelling, four end angle excessively mellow, the side has inward narrowing, the front end inward to the extent of larger, the advantage is that the visual will give a more "thin" feeling, and is conducive to a single hand to the player from the desktop "pick up". In appearance, HP did not add more "magical" elements to it, accustomed to see a variety of "gaudy" game this, Shadow elves give you a "little light" feeling, like a long time did not show the martial arts master, and then many fancy moves are just ephemeral, not tenable, the master of the fight is "internal force"!

HP WASD Shadow Elf Ⅱ plus game This fuselage surface uses the carbon fiber texture design, greatly increases the machine the texture, simultaneously touches the surface also to be able to feel the texture protruding delicate touch. The HP Shadow Elf Ⅱ plus screen is also upgraded from 15.6 inches to 17.3 inches, the resolution remains at 1080P, and gamers know what a 17.3-inch-screen laptop means, high-end! atmosphere! The last word is not said, too tacky ...

Compared with other games, the rotating shaft of the machine will feel a little more damping, the screen is very stable after opening and will not shake, while the 150° angle in the game is not very common. In order to provide the player with a better gaming and audio experience, this machine also uses the Danish top sound b&o,c face and the D face all have the speaker to open the hole, the stereo surround promotes the game time the immersion feeling, but in the small weave looks, again good game this sound is not as own spends Bai the piece to match the independent sound to be enjoyable.

Now all the electronic products are moving towards a more and more frivolous direction, HP WASD Shadow Elves Ⅱ is also in this direction, but the GTX 1070 graphics card not only brings the super performance, but also has unimaginable heat, heightening the thickness of the fuselage is currently the most effective way to control the heat dissipation.

HP WASD Shadow elf Ⅱ 's fuselage thickness is about 1.5 times times the diameter of a single coin, in fact, this is in the GTX 1070 graphics card game is a very "thin" product, and even small parts are doubtful whether its fuselage thickness can effectively disperse the fuselage heat. Leave this question later, small series will carry out the limit of the machine test! Measuring the weight is really a comparison of heart plug process, 4.2kg weight is indeed not light, if the evaluation room exquisite small scale pressure bad words ...

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